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Support Hours - Extended!!

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If you are looking for help from your peers or looking to post a question, our Community is growing quickly to better enable these types of conversations on whatever topic is of interest to you. 


If you are looking for immediate and live support from one of our trained team members, this link will show you the best ways to connect live:


Click here to access - Support Contact Details




HI! I'm Ros. I was the Community Manager here for 5 years but left in 2016. So now, I'm a marketer trying to do the same things folks using Constant Contact do each day. Ping me if you need anything!

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need personalised assistance
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Hi Ekaterina,


How can we help you? Are you having dififculty with your contacts? 

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Need help
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Hi @AbrahamA10 


We're happy to help you here in the User Community. How can we help? What are you needing assistance with?


Thanks for reaching out!

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The whole point of subscribing to Constant Contact is for me to send emails.  I am receiving an error that my email is not being authenticated.  Under My Settings, there is no settings for Authentication.  I went there once while talking with a Support Tech and now that option has disappeared. it has been 3 work days and I have only sent 2 successful test emails to myself from myself. Has anyone run into this problem before.





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Hello Ollie, we are sorry you are not able to find the authentication settings in your account. Would you please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username. Please, also make reference to your post question and/or your troubles locating the authentication feature so we can better assist you. Thank you.