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Survey Question Types: Open-Ended & Personal Info Questions

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You might have seen the other posts we have done for the different survey questions type, like multiple choice questions and rating and ranking questions.  Today we are going to go over the last question types available: open ended questions and personal information questions.




Open-Ended Questions: 

With Open Ended Questions, there is just one choice to make after entering your question text, what is the limit for answers.  You have a choice of 1 line of text/50 characters, 7 lines of text/350 characters, or 20 lines of text/1,000 characters.  When choosing this question type, keep in mind what types if answers you are expecting, and what your audience will want to share with you.  


Personal Information Questions:

This question is a great way to give your contacts a way to identify themselves, especially if you are sharing the survey online or over social media. With this question you need to keep in mind that you have a choice to either select that you will be importing data into your contacts or you can make the question required. We do not allow you to choose both options, as you cannot make it a requirement to be added to your contact list. 


With this question you can select the fields that are visible for your audience to fill out, like First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Physical Address, and any custom fields that you have within your account.  Take a look below to see all of the options, keep in mind that the custom fields will only show those that have been added to your individual account.  




If you have any questions, feel free to let us know! 


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Is there a limit to how many questions can be asked.  Not that I want it long just need to know how to plan out the questionaire...

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Hi @MartiP0


A survey can have up to 99 questions.  There are some character limits per the different question types too, here's some more information on that


Let us know if you have any other questions.