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Survey Question Types: Rate and Rank

Honored Contributor

In July, @Hannah_M showed you 2 of our 7 question types for Surveys: Single-Select Multiple Choice and Multi-Select Multiple Choice. I’m going to take a moment to go over 3 of our other question types. These are known as the Rank and Rate Question Types. Check them out below!


Rate and Rank Survey Quetions.png


  • Rate Items on a Scale:
    Choose up to 11 items on the ranking scale. You can also add up to 10 items to rate. For this example I have 5 items to rate on our scale from 1-5 options.


Rate items on a scale how likely.png


  • Rate One Item on a Scale:
    Choose up to 11 items on the ranking scale, but with only 1 item to rank.


Rate One Item on a Scale.png


  • Rank Items Numerically:
    For this question, you can choose up to 10 items to rank on a scale of 1 = Least or Most, you choose that portion.

rank numerically.jpg


And that’s it! Thanks for checking out our Rating and Rank Questions for your Survey. Now log into your account and start making your Survey!


Any questions let us know!