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Survey Reports


invite1.pngSince the goal of a survey is to collect information there is no reporting directly on the survey. There are ways to share your survey URL so that the answers will be anonymous or you can send out a Survey invitation. This invite will be created using the Email Marketing product. The goal of the invite is to share the survey URL with the people in your contact list and explain to them why you want their feedback.


Since the invitation is just like an email you have very similar reporting available. To see your reporting you will want to login to your account and click Campaigns > Feedback & Surveys. Just click the hyperlinked survey name you would like to see the reporting from. You will now be on the details page. Click “Survey Invitations”. This appears in the “Distribute your survey” section. A survey invitation report summary will appear for every invitation you have sent for that survey.


You can see reports for:

  • Who the invitation was sent to
  • How many SPAM reports you received. (Note: Due to Can-SPAM/CASL laws, you can’t see who reported you as SPAM but they have been automatically taken off your list)
  • Bounces
  • Opens (Need to send a survey reminder to the people who haven’t taken your survey yet?)
  • Clicks (The click-through report lists your survey's test survey URLto show the number of clicks on the published survey's URL. This prevents you from clicking the link and responding to the survey when viewing the results.)
  • Forwards through the “Forward to a friend” link in the email footer.

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