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URL For Documents Stored in the Library

CTCT Employee
Something that many of our users are unaware of is that by storing files in your Library, not only are you making them available when creating campaigns but they are also being hosted simultaneously! What does this mean? It means that each of the files have a direct URL at which they can be accessed.  Take a look for yourself by clicking on the Library Tab in the blue column on the right. This will take you to your library page where you will see all files that you currently have uploaded.
Library 1.JPG

Find the document you need and click on either the document name or the “Pencil” underneath actions.Either will take you to the options page for that specific Image.
Library 2.JPG
From here you will notice a few different things. You will see the “File Name” in the top right, with a“Description” of the file beneath. You will then have the option to organize your files into “Folders” and finally, right beneath the image of the file, you will see a highlighted “File URL.” If you right click on this URL and save it to your computer, you will then have it for personal use.

Having direct URL access to files can be very time efficient! Have you ever had a moment where you needed access to a file but didn’t have it saved on the computer you were using? A URL would’veresolved that problem!
Ian W


My name is Ian Wheeler! I've been with Constant Contact for a little over a year now and have had a great experience here! I will be interning with the Social Support Team and look forward to growing and learning with them!