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Tomorrow morning (8/26) from 07:00 AM - 08:00 AM ET we need to make a few updates to our site. During this time, no emails will be sent and some customers will not be able to access their contacts. We recommend finishing up your work before 07:00 AM and logging in after 08:00 AM ET. Thank you for your patience while we make these updates.

Unwanted Custom Fields? Learn How to Delete Here!

Honored Contributor

When you’re working on your contacts, you sometimes find that their information doesn’t fit into the labels that we have pre-determined within your account. You may want to have your own date field for a Birthday or Anniversary. Or maybe you want to have a field that is titled Student’s Name. Whatever the reason is, you need flexibility to do this. And you need the flexibility to remove this feature too.


Enter our Custom Field functionality. With Custom Fields you can enter your own label for your contacts. But what happens if you enter the wrong information for the label or you no longer are utilizing that label for your contacts? You will want to delete it. Let me show how.


  • Once logged into your account, click on My Account  > My Settings


My Settings Toolkit.jpg



  • Next, you want to scroll down to Contact Settings on the left and click on Manage my custom fields


Manage Custom Fields.jpg



  • On the next screen, you will notice little x’s at the end of each custom field.


delete custom field.png


  • Just click on the X to remove that custom field.


You will receive this overlay to confirm. This cannot be undone once you click OK.


delete custom field overlay confirm.png


You can re-add the custom field but that will not add this custom field to contacts currently within your account.


  • Then click Save.


That’s it! Now go into your account and delete any of your custom fields that are no longer needed!


If you have any questions let us know!


Does your account look different from this? Check out our post in Using Standalone Products.