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Upcoming Community Changes

Honored Contributor

Hi Community,


As you've likely noticed from the message displayed at the top of the Community homepage we are going to be taking the Constant Contact User Community offline on September 1st, 2016. We want the Community to be a place where you can easily find the answers to your questions, share knowledge with your peers, leave feedback, and connect with like-minded individuals. We'll be restructuring and making some "cosmetic" changes so that things are easier to find and so that the Community as a whole is easier to navigate. As the Community changes we'd love to hear your feedback so please don't hesitate to tell us what you think once the new Community is live. You are invited to leave a comment on this post, write a new post, or send me a private message with your feedback if that's what you'd prefer. Thanks, everyone!



Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.

Occasional Visitor

I am hoping the 'cosmetic' changes include some weekend customer service hours ...... We all run businesses and a lot of us work out of regular business hours ....???? 

Also hoping your cosmetic changes will address the issue with editing existing campaigns ..... started on a laptop ....on an iPad ....current situation is deplorable ...... 

Your app needs serious attention too ......



Occasional Advisor

Am so worried about the upcoming "upgrade". Everytime CC does an "upgrade", we take two steps backward. I would have jumped ship long ago, but my customer base is too large to easily/ecconomically do that.  

Honored Contributor

Hello @AnnH009


Thanks for taking the time to reply to our post. The updates that are being made on September first are only occurring here, on the User Community not within the product where you would create your campaigns. I will pass your feedback along about weekend support as well as the issues with editing campaigns and the mobile app. 


@LouM - I hope that I can help to ease some of your worry. The upgrades we are making to the Community are in the hopes of making the Community easier to navigate, and lower some of the number of boards (we have quite a few of them).  Our goal is to make it easy to find support, discussions, and feedback, while also increasing visibility of some great areas of the Community. 


I hope to see you both in and around the Community, especially after our updates. If you have any feedback on the changes, I would love to hear it.