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Updating Business Profile

CTCT Employee


The more information you provide to Constant Contact with regards to your business, the more helpful we can be to you! That having been said, we have a “Change Business Profile” section where you can do just that! Giving us some insight into your industry, size of business, whether or not you are B2B or B2C, and how you utilize Constant Contact are all factors that can help us better assist you.


  1. By informing us of your Industry, not only does it give us a better idea as to who you are and how you’re utilizing our service but it also allows us to go a bit more in depth as well. A coffee shop’s statistics are going to be much different from that of a consulting or law firm so by giving us a better understanding of your industry, we can compare you to that of those who are similar, giving you the best understanding of how you how your business is doing!


  2. Sharing with us the size of your company, while this may not lead to more specific metrics, gives us a much better idea as to what type of company you are. It sheds light onto where you are in your growth as a company and most importantly, gives us the ability to better assist you as a larger corporation will be handled much differently than a mom and pop shop. We do quite a bit of work with both types of businesses!


  3. By including some information for us about who your client base is, we can be more helpful when assisting you in your marketing strategies. Whether or not you are looking to market your business to other companies or to consumers will alter how you approach it quite a bit. We can absolutely shed insight as to how to market your business, but knowing your end goal is crucial in order to creating a successful email marketing plan!


  4. Constant Contact has quite a bit to offer! Most of our customers use the product in their own individual way so every interaction we have is a bit different! If we have a better understanding of how you utilize Constant Contact, we can offer insight into options that you may not be aware of. If we aren’t aware of how you use the product, we will need to ask probing questions in order to give assistance and may not be as helpful as we otherwise could be! Of course we will still assist in getting the job done, but if we can anticipate what you’re looking to do, we can go above and beyond your expectations in terms of the most efficient strategies.


    I hope you find this information helpful! Please feel free to reach out if anything is unclear about the information above.  Have you had to update your business profile in the past? These tips will help you get off to a fast start if not!

Hope This Helps!,

Ian W


My name is Ian Wheeler! I've been with Constant Contact for a little over a year now and have had a great experience here! I will be interning with the Social Support Team and look forward to growing and learning with them!