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Uploading Images to your account

CTCT Employee

You can upload images into your account through a couple of different ways.  You can go to the Library tab down the left side of the page and click upload, or when editing an email you can choose to Insert an Image and then click to Upload.  Once you click to Upload you have a few options My Computer, Stock Images, & Social Networks.  Here’s how to use those methods:



     - My Computer.  Once you choose to upload from Your Computer you can click and drag your files to the upload window, or click to open the Browse window to browse your computer.   Accepted file types are GIF, JPG, PNG with a dimension limit of 800 pixels wide, and a file size of 5MB or less (we recommend 350KB or less for easier viewing by your audience).

     - Stock Images. You will see a search box to search through our stock images.  Once you have your search results you can filter through Pro Images or Free Images on the top right of the view.  


     - Social Networks.  (This is included in the Essential and Ultimate packages only) You can connect your Facebook and/or Instagram account.  You can click on the icon of the network you want to connect, type in your username and password, then Authorize access to your images.  You will then be able to see your images from those sites to add to your emails.



Want more information on uploading images or preparing your images to upload into your account, check out these linked FAQ's.  Once you have your images uploaded you can start adding them to your campaigns! Have any questions or recommendations for others, feel free to share!


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.