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Use Additional Items for Sale for Multiple Sessions

Honored Contributor

Many of our users who run Events & Registrations want to offer multiple sessions. They’re not sure how to go about doing that in their account. Confusion with pricing and making sure people sign up for the right session happens quite a bit. As an alternative you can use our Additional Items feature under Event Settings.


  • To set this up, you want to create an Event or go into your Draft.
  • Click on Settings

    Event Settings.png

  • Click Edit if you’re not in the creation flow but are editing a draft
  • You can choose to add a fee for the overall Event or just add the fee for each individual session
  • Click Yes, I’m offering items under Are you offering additional items

    additional items.png
  • Then click Add an item

    add an item.png
  • Fill out the overlay – use Additional Options if you want to add options to choose from:

    add an item overlay.png
  • Go through the steps to ensure that everything is saved
  • Your final product will look something like this:

    items for sale registration.png

  • There is not a way to limit how many sessions they sign up for, but they’ll realize it when they get to the payment section.
  • Continue doing this for the amount of sessions you have available


And that’s how easy it is to set up multiple sessions using our Add Items for Sale feature.

If you have questions let us know!


Occasional Visitor

I am pretty new to CC.  I put together an event with registration fees.  How can I get people to pay for more than 1 registration?  Currently, the participants can only choose 1 registration to pay for.



Kyra Baker

CTCT Employee

Hello @BodyFitWellness,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. That is a great question! Each registration is linked to an email address, and you cannot use the same email address more than once. So, if you are looking to sign up multiple people, you would need to get their specific email addresses, or use an alternative email address (work email, personal email). I would be happy to track your request to register multiple people at once, and to be able to register using the same email address to our developers as they are constantly looking to improve the product.