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Using Contact Details


Using contact details in your email is a great way to make each email feel personal and important. Any contact details that you have saved in your account can be pulled into your emails.  For example, a common personalization step is to include a greeting of first name or even company name.

These are easy to insert! While you are working on your emails just position the mouse where you want the detail to be inserted and then click "Insert" in the formatting bar above the block and click on "Contact Details". Click on the detail you want to insert.


Important note: Once inserted the contact detail will read the name of the field. For example, “Dear First name” or “Hello Company Name”. When you preview or test your email you will see your information pulled into the email. In order to test the fields will a contact’s information you would have to send a live copy of the email to yourself or someone else to test.  Before you send, make sure your contacts have the contact details uploaded to your account!


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How do you use contact details in your account?


Updated on 8/29/16


Hi I'm Hannah! I started at Constant Contact in April 2011 as a Customer Support Rep answering calls, chats and emails. I moved to the Social Media team full time in October 2012. I also work with the @ctcthelp twitter handle, follow me there!

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Call the CC hotline then. Using this forum software for detailed debugging just ****. Just a couple of checks, the fields you are trying to pull all need to be populated and I wouldn't supect them to populate in a preview mode. You might have to run a test on a private group of your own. Lastly for debugging purposes stick with the CC basic field names, if that is not working I would guess your missing something on your end. :-(

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I tried using the fields exactly as given in answer ID 950 which documents how CC calls the fields. I sent myself an email using the fields. The data was in the fields. Unfortunately... blank. :-( So, I will have to get CC on the phone and hope this is something they can help me with. Thanks so much for your efforts.

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Please share what you found in case we try to do that in the future.

Contributing Developer

Did you ever make any progress on this?

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Need the ability to personalize first name and company name within my communications.
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Hello @HariShabdK4


You can add a greeting into your campaigns and/or add in Contact Details.  I took a look at your account, and it looks like you might have gotten some help with these from our Support team or by searching through our Community/FAQ's.  


If you have any other questions, please let us know.