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Using Stock Images

CTCT Employee

Want to add some images to your account, but don’t have any on hand?  We have a solution for you… Stock Images!!



upload2.pngWe have two types of Stock Images available in your account Pro Images (provided by Big Stock) and Free Images.  The Pro Images are typically $8.00 per image.  You can hover your mouse over any of the images and click the magnifying glass icon to Preview the image and any information about it, like dimensions, file type and description.  In order to add any of the Stock Images (Both Pro and Free) to your account you will want to click on the Price of the image, this will bring up the use agreement for the image, stating that you can use the image at any time from within your account, but that you cannot use it outside of Constant Contact's products.  Once you agree to the terms it will become available for you within your Library.  




In order to search for images you will need to either enter a keyword or browse by category.  Make sure to use one or two keywords, and try searching for related keywords as well (i.e. healthcare and doctor). 


Have you used our Stock Images?  How have you used them?  Feel free to share your tips and tricks.  


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.

Solution Provider

Hi Samantha,


Does every level of Constant Contact user pay the same price for a "Pro Image" purchase (Basic, Essential & Ultimate)?


Thanks --Liz


Liz Olimpio


CTCT Employee

Hi Elizabeth.


I'm happy to help you out with your question. Yes - every level of Constant Contact package will pay the $8 dollar fee. This pricing is universal and decided by Big Stock whom we are partnered with. :smileyface: I hope this helps! 

Solution Provider

Great thanks Melissa.