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Using an Inline Form to Grow Your List

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Updated March 2019


Are you making it easy for those who visit your website to join your mailing list? By using a Constant Contact inline form included in your account, new contacts can sign up to receive your emails without needing to leave your page! Here are a few tips to make your inline form work best for you:


1. Ask for the right information

Customize your form and include contact fields that are relevant to what you are sending out. Asking for a first name lets you include a personalized greeting in your emails. Do you send out automated birthday emails? Make sure to include that field as well! Sign up forms with lots of required fields can deter new contacts from signing up so we recommend keeping it to the essentials. 


2. Let your contacts choose what to receive from you

Your contacts will only want to receive what interests them. If you send out different types of emails to a general list, they may start to unsubscribe in large numbers. Yikes! By letting contacts select what lists they want to join, you don't have to play a guessing game. Make sure to include a section on your inline form displaying your mailing lists. 



Ready to grow your list? All that's left is to activate and install the inline form on your website.


Have you used one of our inline forms on your website?


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I was so excited to get access to this feature.  It's close, but needs work.  We need to be able to redirect the prospect to a custom thank-you page BY LIST.  A pop up that says thanks for subscribing to the list does not work in a sales funnel.  As it stands right now it's still pretty useless.  I'm still stuck using ***Competitor removed by Moderator***.  Ugg


Definitely a move in the right direction.  Please make this a priority.



Honored Contributor

Thank you for your feedback @KateB87 Do you mind sharing this feature request in our Contacts Feedback Board please?

Occasional Visitor

Thank you!  We needed this!


I have pasted the embed code into my page, but when I try it, I get the sorry message that it could not be added.

Sorry, we could not complete your sign-up. Please contact us to resolve this.


Since it's a new feature, I don't know where to look for help!  If you can advise me on fixing that, I'd be very appreciative.


HI @EstherP52

It could have to do with the way the code was inserted into your site. To test, can you take the code and paste it into Notepad. Click to save the file but instead of saving it as a .txt file please save it as a .html file. Once saved please open this as a webpage (you may need to right click and open with a browser). You can test just the code using this method!



Occasional Visitor

That was a good idea, and yes, it did work on the independent page.  How can I diagnose what on my page might be causing an issue?