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Tuesday, September 6th


Planning Email Marketing  11am

Unsure what emails to send, how often to send and what to say? In Planning Marketing Emails will cover all the basics to plan your email marketing program.


How to Boost the Response to Your Emails  4pm

Explore ideas of using your existing contact information, email reports, sign up forms and surveys to segment your list, stay relevant and increase the impact of your emails.



Wednesday, September 7th

Creating Marketing Emails  4pm

Quickly learn guidelines and tips on email design, writing effective copy, and creating effective calls-to-action for the right audience. Once you learn about what to do, watch these best practices put to work.


Thursday, September 8th


Nonprofit Newsletters That Engage  11am

Engaging email newsletters raise awareness, strengthen your relationships, and help achieve your mission. Are yours doing that?

Subject Line Design  2pm

Learn how to create an effective subject line that will set you apart and increase your open rates.


The Power of Social Media,SEO, and Email  4pm

Learn about the basics of what tools make up Social Media (Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, digg, flickr,, YouTube, etc) and how small business and non profits are using them to make connections and grow their networks.



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