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Week of September 2: Local Events in Los Angeles

Honored Contributor

Local Events in Los Angeles


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With Kelly Flint

Area Director


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Grow Your Business with Email and Social Media


Where: Pasadena City College Community Education Center, Room 217; Pasadena, CA

When: Wednesday, September 4, 2013, 3:00PM-4:00PM PDT

Who (Presenters): MJ & Dave Finstrom of HUTdogs, Authorized Local Experts


What:  This workshop is designed to give small businesses and nonprofit organizations some simple ideas for growing their organizations using email marketing and social media. Topics include what to write about, how to get more people to stop and read your messages and how to get more action, or reaction, to your messages and offers.


Cost: Free (bring a business card for admission)


How: Click Here to Register!


Getting Started with Email Marketing


Where: Microsoft Store - Westfield Century City Mall

When: Thursday, September 5, 2013, 10:00AM-12:00PM PDT

Who (Presenters): Liz Harsch, Authorized Local Experts




In Getting Started with Constant Contact Email session, we'll show you:

  • Setting up your Constant Contact account
  • Getting new subscribers by adding sign-up boxes to your website and emails
  • Creating an email campaign and editing email newsletter templates
  • Branding your emails with your logo, colors, and photos
  • Creating content that people want to receive and read
  • Importing your email list into your contact database
  • Tracking and interpreting your results
  • Combining email and social media marketing to leverage the communications power of both
  • Each participant will get a Getting Started Digital Step-by Step Book
  • And more!


Cost: Free (bring a business card for admission)


How: Click Here to Register!


Social Media Marketing Made Simple Followed by Optional Facebook for Business Hands-On BootCamp


Where: Mission Viejo City Hall; Mission Viejo, CA

When: Saturday, September 7, 2013, 9:00AM-10:30AM PDT (Social Media Marketing Made Simple); 10:45AM-2:30PM (Facebook for Business Hands-On BootCamp)

Who (Presenters): David Finstrom, Authorized Local Experts




In this introductory session, we cover strategies and best practices to get the most out of your social media activities, including:


  • What social media marketing really is and why use it
  • Introduction to social media channels and how to evaluate what’s right for you
  • How small businesses are using social media
  • How to create good content for your social media marketing campaigns and time management
  • How to balance social media marketing with email marketing and other marketing efforts.


Cost: Social Media Marketing Made Simple - Free

[OPTIONAL] Hands-On Facebook BootCamp - $139 (includes lunch)


How: Click Here to Register!


Simple Strategies for Better Event Marketing


Where: Fashion Valley Mall Microsoft Store; San Diego, CA

When: Saturday, September 7, 2013, 1:00PM - 3:00PM PDT

Who (Presenters): Stuart Atkins, Authorized Local Expert




Attend this presentation and learn how to use the power of event marketing to get potential and existing customers to take four key actions:


  • Sign Up
  • Speak Up
  • Show Up
  • Follow Up



Cost: Free (bring a business card for admission)


How: Click Here to Register!