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What Are Unsubscribes?

Honored Contributor

When you are in your Contacts area, you may have noticed that we have some folders for you on the left.  You may see categories/statuses that are the following: Active, No Permission Set, Awaiting Confirmation, All Contacts, Unsubscribed.  We’re going to focus on the Unsubscribed Contacts in this post.


Contact Statuses.jpg


What is a Unsubscribe anyway?  Unsubscribes are the contacts that have clicked the SafeUnsubscribe link or logo within your campaigns. These are the people that have decided that they do not wish to receive emails from you any longer. When a contact clicks the link or the logo, they are taken to a new page where they will re-enter their email address and then click to Unsubscribe. We have the contacts re-enter their email address so that they are opting out the email address that they signed up with. We have found in the past that many contacts forward their emails using their own forward button within their email client instead of our Forward to a Friend feature. When they do that, the person they forwarded to, tends to opt them out. This stops that from occurring.


When the contact has re-entered their email address and opted out, we immediately move them to the Unsubscribed Status. This is also the case if someone marks your email as Spam. Once in the Unsubscribed status, only the contact can re-add themselves to your mailing list. By moving the opted out or unsubscribed contacts to this special status, they will never accidentally become Active Contacts by you when you add more contacts.


In order to view your unsubscribed contacts, simply just click on the Unsubscribed status on the left when in Contacts. You can also export these contacts. If you’re looking to learn why your contacts are unsubscribing, check out this FAQ on Managing and Understanding Unsubscribes.


Any questions let us know!