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What Can I Edit In My Survey Once It’s Published?

Honored Contributor

You’ve made a Survey and you thought it was complete so you went ahead and made it live by hitting the gold Publish button. Now that it’s live though, you want to make some changes but you’re not sure if those changes can be made.  Read on and I’ll let you know what changes you can make once your Survey is published.




Once Survey is published, you can:

  • Change the internal name of the Survey
  • Change whether you want to allow multiple responses from the same computer or not
  • Turn on or off Numbering
  • Edit Global Colors & Fonts
  • Add logo or image
  • Edit Survey Title
  • Edit Question and Answer Text

 Once the Survey is published, or live, you cannot move, add, or delete questions or answer options.


And that’s it! What you can edit in your published survey in a nutshell. Any questions, let us know!