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What Can I Edit on My Event Registration After it’s Been Published?

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If you need to make some edits to your registration form after your event was made live, you can.  Please keep in mind that the best experience for your audience is to ensure there are no edits needed before sending the invitations out or distributing the registration link. But wait!!! What if you tested registration with some colleagues and friends?  You can copy the event and start fresh to have full access to edit all things that you would want to edit.   



To edit the registration form, from the event dashboard click “Edit Event”, then choose to Registration. When editing the Registration form registration needs to be closed down temporarily (another good reason to make sure all edits are done before sending to your audience). Once the edits are complete the registration can be opened again; however anyone trying to access your registration during that time that it is closed will not be able to access the form.  Now let’s go over what you can edit.


If you do not have any registrants, you can edit the whole form, including adding more questions, taking questions away, editing custom questions, making questions required or not, etc.


If you have registrants, you can edit visibility (if questions appear on the form or not), requirement of questions, edit custom questions or text blocks; however you cannot clear a question/text.  If your event registration form is made up of questions that use the "Custom Information" sections, and those will need to be edited, make sure to do this before making your event live, so that you have full editing available for custom questions and sections!


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Can I edit the organization name in the footer of the event registration, or is this tied to my account settings by default? 


Hi @MichaelK1 


That's a great question! The organization information in the footer of your Event Registration does pull from the Organization Information in your account. Changing the default organization settings in your account will change the information shown on this registration page. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.