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What Can't An Account User Do?


Since multi-user access is new to Constant Contact we know there are lots of questions. At this time not all accounts have this new feature, but hang tight—it’s coming to everyone in the next few weeks.

As the account owner, multi-user gives you the ability to add account users. You can create a maximum of nine users with their own unique login and password. Their accounts will have special access.


Account users:

  • Do not have access to update or view billing information
  • Cannot buy products, cancel products or cancel the account
  • Can’t add, view or mange users
  • Don’t have access to the Community

If you have the new features you can add users by clicking “My Account” and then “Account Users” at the top of the page.


What permissions would you like to see for your users? We'll be adding new permissions in the future so remember to share your feedback after you have tested this out in our Roles and Account Details feedback board. 


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