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What Does the Facebook Fan Promotion Reporting Look Like?

Honored Contributor

If you’ve run a Facebook Promotion with us or are thinking about using our tool to do so, you might be interested to know what kind of reporting we offer for you. Our reporting will show you not only the results of your Campaign, but also the Source of your Traffic, Channel Stats and Post Performance. Don’t know what any of those mean? No problem, keep reading and I will define for you!


First, to access your reporting, you want to click on Campaigns and then on the name of your Facebook Coupon campaign. Another way to access this information is to click on Reporting and in the drop-down menu on the left, choose Facebook Coupon. This will pull up all of your Facebook Coupons. Then click on the one that you are checking reporting on.


For Campaign Results, we’re going to show you the following:

  • Page Visits
  • Claims, Entries, or Downloads (Depending on your Promotion type selected). You can click here to see unique entries
  • Shares: How many people shared using social media or email
  • How many new page likes and email subscribers you received
  • Share Stats will show you a graphic of how your shares were split up among the options

For Source Traffic, we’ll show you graphics of your new Facebook likes and email subscribers and break it down into where they came from.


Facebook Promotion Source Traffic.png

*Image taken from FAQ: Reports for Your Facebook Promotion


Channel Stats is going to break it down for you on how your promotion did via the Email Invite, the Facebook Posts and the Twitter posts you ran for this promotion. For your email stats, you can see your bounces, unsubscribes, your open rate, clicks and your click rate percentage. On Facebook, you can how many posts you sent, how many impressions it had. Also, you can see how many shares, comments, likes and clicks were given to those posts. For Twitter, you’ll see again how many posts you ran and the impressions as well as Clicks, Favorites, Replies and Re-tweets.


Post Performance is going to show you the posts that you sent out, the date/time, the engagement, clicks and how many you reached.


Those are the reports that are available to you for Facebook Promotions. Log into your account today and set up your Facebook Promotion so that you can see how far your reach truly is on Social Networks!


Any questions, let us know!


Does your account look or sound different from the above? If so, check out our post in Using Standalone Products.