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What Does this Actions Menu Do On the Survey Page?

Honored Contributor

You’ve seen the Actions drop-down menu that appears on the Campaigns page. But do you know the options that appear when you click it? Or that you have different choices depending upon the state of your Survey? Well fret no more for I am going to show you the choices available.


Draft Survey Actions Drop-Down:


Survey Draft Drop-Down Actions Menu.png

For a Draft Survey, you can from the Actions Drop-Down: Copy, Delete, Edit, Preview, Publish, or see the details page.























Active Survey Actions Drop-Down:


Survey Active Drop-Down Actions Menu.png

If your Survey is Active, you can close the survey right from here on the Campaigns page. You can also view the Details, Results, and Preview. You are able to Copy, Edit, Send an Invite, and Share on Social Media.
























Closed/Done Survey Actions Drop-Down:


Survey Done Drop Down Actions Menu.pngWhen you have closed your Survey, you can copy or delete it from the Actions menu. You can also view the Details page, preview it, and view your results.



















Of course, all these options are available should you just click on the name of your Survey on the Campaigns page. But use the Actions menu to save you a step or two!


Get into your account today to start using this neat feature that can save you time!


Any questions let us know!