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What Kind of Reporting Does My Poll Include?

Honored Contributor

You’ve created a Poll and sent it out to your audience. Or maybe you are thinking about creating a Poll. Either way, you are looking for measurable results. But what kinds of results or reports are available? Well, read on and all shall be revealed!


  • First, let’s go pull up your Poll by clicking on Campaigns on the left sidebar

tk campaigns.jpg







  • Click on either the name of your poll on the right

tk poll.png


  • Or click on Feedback and Surveys on the left under Activity Type  > then click on the name of  your Poll


tk survey activity type.png


  • Next you can click on either Poll Results at the top left


tk poll results.png


  • Or you can click on the number in the Poll Responses box


tk poll responses.png


  • This will open up the Poll Results so that you can see how many responses you received for each item on the poll, as well as the Response Ratio.


tk poll detailed responses.png

Just as the poll is quick to create and send out, the responses are very easy to read. How many people took the poll and how did they respond are the results you are going to see. If you’re looking for more detailed responses, you might want to try creating a one-question Survey. But if what you’re looking for is quick results, the poll is the way to go!


So Log In to your account now and start sending out the poll you want to receive the results you need!


Does your account look or sound different from the Instructions above? If so, check out our post in Using Standalone Products Survey Board.