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What Reporting is Available for My Donation Campaign?

Honored Contributor

Did you know that with our Donation Campaign that we have robust tools to help you manage your Donation? Our reporting will inform you of your amount raised, how many donors have donated, and the remaining time left.


tk campaigns.jpg

To see your reports, log into you Constant Contact account and click Campaigns on the left. 





Next click on the name of your Donation Campaign to view the full details.


On this page, you can see the following:


Email Reports:


donation email reports.png



You can see how many Opens, Sends, Clicks for the email you sent out to your contacts here.


Supporters Report:


donation supporters.png


In this location you will see the information about your donors, who they are, their email address, how much they donated, when they donated, and their donation type. This is even exportable to a CSV file for easy keeping outside of your Constant Contact account.


If you would like to know the full amount you've raised and how far you are to reaching your goal, we have that for you too!  When you first open up your Donation Campaign, on the top left is that information.


donation raised.png


And directly to the right of that is the number of donors who are helping you to reach your goal:


donation donors.png


As you can see, our Donation Campaign can truly show you the full impact that your donors are making to help you and your organization reach your goals with easy to view reporting. What are you waiting for? Log in today and start a Donation Campaign and start earning those funds to support your cause!


If you have any questions, let us know!