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What are Tags?




Tags are a way for you to group contacts together for targeted emails or just a way to organize your contacts!  This is an internal only organization method that can be applied to contacts with or without permission to send.


Creating a Tag

You can always create new tags while you are adding contacts but in some situations you will want to set your tags up ahead of time. Here is how:

  1.        Login to your Constant Contact account
  2.        Click “Contacts”
  3.        Click the plus sign icon next to “Tags” on the left of the page.
  4.        Type in the tag you want to create
  5.        Hit “Enter” on your keyboard to save.

Deleting a Tag

No longer need a tag? Deleting is easy!

  1.        Login to your Constant Contact account.
  2.        Click “Contacts”
  3.        Find “Tags” on the left panel of the page
  4.        Hover over the tag name you want to delete and click the down arrow.
  5.        Select “Delete” from the menu
  6.        Confirm that you want to delete on the overlay window.

Add or Remove Tags from Specific Contacts

If you want to add or remove a tag from a specific contact you will want to find them in the account and click to view their details.  Use the “Tag” area on the right to add or remove.


Using Tags

When you send your next campaign select your list and then use the “Narrow it down” option to send to just a tag (or tags).




ABC Academy uses Constant Contact to send out school newsletters as well as announcements for each grade and class. They have a list of students, parents and teacher email addresses. Previously they needed lots of different lists to keep track of each different group but now they use tags to target their emails.  They have a list in their account for just the 6th grade. Here is how tags are used within this list.


Sally is a student in the 6th grade.  She is part of Mrs. Rogers’ class.



Joe is Sally’s father.



Mrs. Rogers is one of the 6th grade teachers.


When ABC Academy wants to send an email about the 6th grade fundraiser, they send to the entire list. When they want to let the parents and students know about a surprise planned for “Teacher Appreciation Day” then send to the 6th grade list and then narrow it down to just “Students” and “Parents”.  Perhaps the school wants to send an internal newsletter to just the teachers, they can send to the 6th grade list and narrow down to only the “teachers”.  Tags help ABC academy stay organized without having too many lists in their account. 


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Occasional Contributor

I see where you can limit by tag but is there a way to exclude by tag?


For example; Say you have a list you're sending an invitation to. You tag those who RSVP that they can't come. You want to send out an update to the rest of the list that is coming. You'd exclude those with the "Can't Come" tag.


Based on what I'm reading above, it seems as if I would have to tag everyone as attending from the start and then remove the tag from those who aren't coming.

CTCT Employee

Hello @Kevin , 


We do not have a way to exclude tags at this time.  You would need to remove the tag from anyone you would not want to receive the email to use the Narrow it down feature.  This would be a great idea to add to our Feedback area though, please feel free to post here.  


We're currently using the Free-trial and was wondering is this ability to use tags to narrow our audience not available to us?  

CTCT Employee

Hey there @RubenR068 


Great question, we're glad you asked! You can most certainly use tags while being in a trial account. I see you've made a couple already, are you unable to use these tags on existing contacts and new contacts? Let us know and we can certainly help troubleshoot what may be going on here exactly.




Hello @Brigitte_P So I'm at the step in which you choose your list but I can't seem to find “Narrow it down” option to narrow my list using certain tags. I can select which of my lists to use but that's all that comes out. Am I doing something wrong?



CTCT Employee

Hey again @RubenR068 


I see what you mean, so it looks like you are currently on the scheduling page. have you already tagged your contacts.

You should be able to see the "Narrow by Tags" option in the lower right-hand corner of the list selection menu like this:


Unfortunately, from your screenshot I cannot see that lower right-hand corner, are you able to see that option or provide a screenshot if you are unable to see it? Thanks!


Hi @Brigitte_P,

Is this what you mean? I ended up having to make a new list with just that group, am I in the wrong area? 

Thank you for your help



CTCT Employee

Hello @RubenR068

I do apologize that you are unable to use the Narrow by Tags function. I looked a little deeper into this for you and reached out to our upper level support. It would appear you are witnessing an issue we’ve seen appear from time to time in Trial accounts preventing you from using this function. We deeply apologize this is not currently available for you and we will be informing our Product Team that this has happened to you. In the mean time you will want to create a separate list like you have instead of using the Tags. Once again we are very sorry this is happening on your account. If you have any other question please do not hesitate to reach back out.


Hello Antonas_S


Thanks for explaining the issue!


Hi @RubenR068 


You're very welcome! We're happy to hear our explanation has helped. Please feel free to reach back out to the Community if you have any further questions.