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What can I customize for an image?

Honored Contributor

Want to customize your image?  There are quite a few settings that you can set up right when you are inserting your image into your campaign.  Take a look at the image below, and see the descriptions for each of the numbers. 


Settings Images.png


  1. Make your image a clickable link. This is a great way to encourage click-throughs to your site or a particular page on your website.  You can enter any link here, just make sure the full link is included, i.e. You can even test the link you enter by clicking the circle with the arrow.  Make sure to keep the Track box checked off so you can get the most out of your reporting!
  2. Edit Image. This will allow you to open our in-product editing window. This is brought to you by an integration with Aviary and has many features, like cropping, adding text, adding frames, and much more!  Take a look here for more information on the available features. 
  3. Image size slider. By dragging the circle you can resize your image. Dragging the circle to the left you can make the image smaller, and dragging to the right makes the image larger.
  4. Caption. Allows you to add text directly below the image. This works well if you need a description to be viewed within your campaign.
  5. Image Description. This will only be seen if images have not been downloaded yet. This is a great place to describe the image, just in case they cannot be seen.  Some customers even add text like make sure to download images. 
  6. Alignment. This allows you to set the alignment to the left, right, center or have no alignment. Hint: If you are looking to align the image with text, it is easier to type the text in first, then add the image.  The image will align with where your cursor is within the block.
  7. Dimensions. If you would prefer to adjust the image by pixel width and height, here is where you will do it. Make sure that the padlock icon is set in a “locked” if you want to keep the original proportions of the image! 

Do you have any hints or tips to share? Feel free to leave a comment!  


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