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What different views are available when inserting an image from the library?

CTCT Employee

Have you seen the different views available when inserting images into your campaign?  We have 3 of them:  


  • Grid View - This shows you all images in a grid layout, almost like a table.  The preview of the image will display above the name of the file.  Here's what it looks like:
  • Thumbstrip View - Shows image preview down the left hand pane, and then detail of one selected image to the right.  This allows for easy customization when inserting, like resizing and making an image a clickable link.  

  • List View - Very similar to the Thumbstrip view you can see a selected image with detail and customizing abilities on the right, but on the left just the file names appear:  

Which view do you use the most?  


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.