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What is Spam?

Honored Contributor

No Spam!



Before I started working at Constant Contact, I thought that the only thing that happened if I hit that Spam button in my Yahoo email was that I would no longer receive the email. I never knew what Spam truly meant. defines Spam as being “disruptive messages, especially commercial messages posted on a computer network or sent as e-mail”.


Did you know that if you hit Spam that it notifies the sender, or the ESP (Email Service Provider, that’s us) that this person is sending unsolicited email. In other words, email that you didn’t sign up for. Now, I know that I certainly must have signed up for some mailing lists. So when I reported it as Spam, that wasn’t exactly true of me. Now of course I know much better. I know that I should click the Unsubscribe link instead of the Spam button. Spam can be reported by hitting the Spam or Junk button within your email client. Another way is to notify the Internet Service Provider, or for us you can notify us at abuse(at)constantcontact(dot)com. You can even report it to companies that manage this on a grander scale, such as SpamCop.


Remember that hitting Spam isn’t always the best option. If you did sign up, please always click the Unsubscribe link instead. And if you’re worried about receiving spam complaints on your campaigns, check out this FAQ on how to reduce spam reports.


Any questions let us know!