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What is a Plus Campaign Anyways?

CTCT Employee

What is the difference between a Campaign and a Plus Campaign?

A Campaign is a newsletter/announcement/letter that is sent from your account.  Plus Campaigns include Landing pages.  This enables your audience to perform various tasks related to the campaign (i.e. Sign Up, Register, Purchase, etc.) and for you to get reporting from those campaigns.  You will get reporting on Campaigns, like opens and clicks; while with a Plus Campaign you can see Revenue Earned, Registrations, etc. (reporting is based off of campaign type).  We call this “End-To-End Reporting - Detailed tracking and reporting on all of your campaigns, with tips on what to do next.   See everything from campaign highlights down to every action: who clicked, opened, forwarded, and shared your emails. Plus Campaigns also provide stats on purchases, registrations, redemptions, new customer growth, and more.”


So what kinds of Plus Campaign are available?
The Plus Campaigns available within your accounts are:


      - Facebook Fan Promotions Run a promotion (sweepstakes, coupon or download content) on Facebook to grow your fans and extend your reach on social!

      - Trackable Coupons Offer coupons that you can track, redeem in your account, while your audience can share through email and social.

      - Local Deals Offer a deal for purchase and sharing by your contacts.

      - Donations – Raise money for your cause by promoting your campaign through email and social.Check out this post on Dontation Campaigns!

      - Event Promotion & Registration – Promotion, Registration, Payment & Reporting for your event… all in one place.

      - Surveys – Get feedback, segment your audience, and targeting your emails are just a couple of ways to use our Surveys. 

      - Polls  - Want to engage with your audience, but not with a full survey, as a poll questions via email, social or on the web. 


Why do I need Plus Campaigns?
Plus Campaigns let you run the show and have more potential for reporting, revenue, and information in general.  For the event that you are going to have, wouldn't it be easier to have your Promotional Emails, Registration, Payment, and Management all within one account?  Want to run a local deal for your customers and grow your audience?  We've got the tools to help you and your business grow your reach and manage your current audience all at the same time. 


How can I get a Plus Campaign?
When choosing to Create a New Campaign Plus Campaigns are designated by a green box with an asterisk.  Here’s what it will look like: 


Plus Campaigns.png


How much do Plus Campaigns cost?
Depending on the package that you have for your account, Plus Campaigns can have different cost(s).  If you are under a Basic Package, each plus campaign is $50 per use.  If you are under the Essential or Ultimate package Plus Campaigns you have access to Unlimited Plus Campaigns as part of your package.  


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I purchased a one time plus campagin and cannot figure out how to redeem it. I have it located in my account, but when I try to activate my Automated Campaigns, I can't. Please help. 

CTCT Employee

Hi @AnnMarieF2,


Thanks for writing and we're very sorry for any confusion about Plus Campaigns. While this posting is a bit outdated, and our pricing plans now consist of Email and Email Plus, there are still some similarities.

Plus Campaigns consist of Event Promotion & Registration, Coupon, Donation, and Survey. They are available for purchase ($50 per use) if you subscribe to the Email plan. Your Plus Campaign is activated and your account is charged when you click to accept the terms and charges. If you subscribe to the Email Plus you have access to unlimited Plus Campaigns.

Automation features (Autoresponder Series, Birthday Emails, and Anniversary Emails) are only included in the Email Plus package and are not available as a one-time purchase. You can upgrade your account at any time to activate Automation on your account. I hope this helps!