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What is displayed on the Landing Page for my Trackable Coupon?

Honored Contributor

When you create a Trackable Coupon within your account, we give you a Landing Page. This Landing Page is where all of your coupon information is displayed. We show the deal, the amount, your company information, and how to claim it! Check out all of the information displayed below!


Trackable Coupon Landing Page.png


  1. Your Offer
  2. Your Logo
  3. Your Organization/Business Name
  4. The Image theme you chose for your Offer
  5. More offer information
  6. About your business section
  7. The Fine Print – The rules that go with your Trackable Coupon
  8. How long the Trackable Coupon has left
  9. The button to claim the Trackable Coupon
  10. The amount of coupons you want to buy
  11. Share on Social Media or via Email
  12. Organization Name and Physical Address
  13. Email the Organization
  14. The Organization’s website

All of these areas are editable within the 3 steps when creating your Trackable Coupon.  Direct people to your Landing Page by sending an invitation to your contacts, share on your website or on your social media!  Get started today!


Any questions let us know!