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What is the Event Description?

Honored Contributor

When you’re creating your Event, you’ll notice there is a Description section. But what exactly is this description and where will it display? The Event Description should be a couple of sentences explaining a bit about your Event. Nothing too extravagant, keep it simple.  This will display in 7 separate areas for your Event. So fill it out one time and we take care of the rest!


To get started, you can do this on the first step of your Event Creation: Event Basics. You will add the Description. If you’re editing your Event you’ll want to click the Gold Edit Event dropdown and click on Basics. Then you’ll need to click the blue Edit icon to edit. You’re given 350 characters to work with, but you don’t need it to be that long for it to be effective.


Where will my Description Display?

  • Registration Form
  • Event Landing Page
  • Registration Confirmation Page
  • Confirmation Emails
  • ‘Attend my Events’ Website Widget
  • RSS Feed
  • Search Engines

What does it look like?


Here are a couple of examples as to what the Description looks like for specific areas:


  • Registration Form

    Registration Form - Description.png

  • Landing Page - This displays in the Event Body section when editing

    Event Landing Page Description.png

  • Confirmation Email

    Event Confirmation Email - Description.png


Add a Description to your Event today! It’s really easy and we insert it into all helpful places for your Registrants to see it!


Any questions let us know!


Does your account look different from this? If so, check out our post in our Using Standalone Products Board.