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What is the Landing Page for a Facebook Fan Promotion?

CTCT Employee

As a Plus Campaign, all of the Facebook Fan Promotions have a landing page.  Depending on the promotion type that you choose the Landing Page changes slightly.  The landing page is the first page someone will see when going to your promotion.  You can promote this page by going to your Facebook page, and viewing the campaign.  This page has a unique URL that can be shared so your audience is lead directly to the campaign.  Let’s go over the differences in the Landing Pages: 


  • Coupon: The landing page will show the amount or percentage off that you have chosen in Step 1, and have a field for your audience to enter their email address to receive the coupon. 
  • Downloadable Content: Similar to the coupon this page asks for an email to send the Downloadable Content to.
  • Sweepstakes: This is the landing page that is different. Here the participant would need to enter First, Last and Email address.  

As a reminder: Facebook made a change to all Promotions, where liking a page cannot be a necessary step in the process to enter a promotion or view information.  This means that there is no more “Like Gate” to any pages, where you hide a coupon until someone likes your page.  Our landing pages are Action Gated.  These are the fill in forms on each of the landing pages.  It means that in order to get the coupon, receive the downloadable content, or enter the sweepstakes the user will need to enter their information; however, all visitors will be able to view the campaign.


Does this look or sound different than your account?  Check out this post in the Standlaone Boards.


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.