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What to think about before running a deal

Honored Contributor

*As of March 17, 2016, the Local Deals campaign type that is no longer offered by Constant Contact. We recommend using a coupon campaign if you are looking for something similar.  This thread is marked as read-only, and content is saved for education. 




By using the Constant Contact Toolkit you can run merchant-friendly promotions to help bolster sales, and attract new customers.  With using the Trackable Coupon or Local Deal Campaigns there are some things to think about prior to launching your promotion.  Let’s go over a few things:


  • Season – Is it your busy time or your slower time? The intention behind running a promotion is to get people in your door, if it is already a busy time, waiting for a slow time might be a better experience for you and your customers.
  • Audience Size – Your contact lists and followers/fans on social media sites. If you have a larger audience, then make sure you are prepared to handle a large number of customers purchasing your deal.

A couple of ways to help manage deals, is have clear fine print.  Make sure that if there are terms for purchasing/using a deal they are known right from the start.  You can also limit quantity available as well as a date for the deal to expire on.  One of the features of these promotions us to get a bonus when sharing the deal; if you are worried about audience size, take a look at this setting to see if it should be turned on or off. 


Test, Test, Test.  Sending a test to a special list of customers to gauge how well your deal will run is a great way to target your deal to those most likely to purchase and test your campaign with a smaller number of contacts.  Depending on how your test goes you can decide to send it out to your full list, edit the campaign or create a new campaign, if needed. 


Have any questions?  Feel free to reach out!



Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.