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Workarounds to Attaching a File


A common question we hear is “How do I attach something to my Constant Contact emails?” Unfortunately you cannot attach a file to your emails but we have several other sharing options for you. Using a workaround instead makes sure that your email is delivered and not blocked because of file size, prevents you from unknowingly sending viruses and makes sure your recipients are able to open and save the file.


Host files online

On your website- Upload the file to your website and direct people to it by putting a link into your email.


Using the Digioh app- Available in our Marketplace, this app allows you to attach files to your emails and then track the number of downloads. Please note, this is a third party application and Constant Contact is not able to answer questions about it.


Convert into an image

If your file does not contain much text and can be displayed in a smaller format, putting the file in your email as an image is a great option. Here are some directions on turning your file into an image. Please note, this is a not a good option for files with lots of text or files that need to be viewed in a larger format. 


Convert into a PDF

*Recommended*  This is the most popular option. It will allow your recipients to easily click and download your file as a PDF. They can save or print as needed with this option.


1. Save or convert your file to a PDF

2. Upload the PDF file to your Document Library

3. Insert a link to the PDF in your email.


For more detailed directions check out “Can I add PDFs to my email?”


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Is there a way to save an HTML attachment from one of our emails in the basic CC? We need to forward it as an attachment.
Solution Provider

You cannot "attach" anything in an HTML email. The best thing to do is to post it on a web server and link to the document.

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My question is similar, Can you print off a coupon from a newsletter without printing the entire letter?

Solution Provider

If it is your customer that needs to print off the form on their end after they receive your email, then you should create the form as a separate .pdf file and include that .pdf file as an attachment to your email. That way, the form is a separate document independent from your email, and thus will print out without the email printing out with it. The advantage of creating any attachment as a .pdf file is that the format of the document will look identical regardless of what operating system your recipient has (PC, Mac, Linux), which you have no way of knowing up front. That is why people use the .pdf format in lieu of just a MS Word .doc format for uses like this. Most people have a pdf reader like the free Adobe Reader resident on their computers, so opening and printing the .pdf shouldn't be a problem. (To be on the safe side, you may want to include a link to the Adobe Reader download site in the body of your email.) There are various free ways to create a .pdf file without having to buy the Adobe Acrobat creation software. Email me directly if you need more info about this.

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Hi Everyone,

The whole point of subscribing to Constant Contact or anything that helps with passing on information about my company to potential clients is to make it as easy as possible and to be able to use the autoresponder so that my clients can contact me from all over the world.

If this is a problem, have I now wasted my time and precious money on a service that provides me with only a fraction of what I'm looking for?

My audio attachment is a big part of my item of value and so now, I'm unable to send auto responders with this attached.

Has anyone got any suggestions or do I need to cancel my subscription and look elsewhere?

Thank you for your time.

Many blessings

Contributing Developer

To be honest you could have done a little better stating your problem. Are you saying you are upset because you can't attach a file to an auto responder note?

I just want to know if there is a way to copy PDF or Publisher files and paste them into the body of a Constant Contact email.
Contributing Developer

Those two formats are not compatible with basic email. The Publisher file is not compatible with any web browsers and therefore not available as email content. Industry standard practice is to include links in the email that point to your PDF file which needs to be stored someplace on the Internet so it can be viewed. Hope that helps. Tony


If you search the constant contact FAQ for "Can I add a PDF to my email?" you'll see a few suggestions, none of them great. For a Publisher file, try saving the publication as a web page. Then open the web page, right-click and select View Source (for Internet Explorer.... not sure about other browsers). Cut and paste the source code into the advanced editor in Constant Contact. You may need to tweak it to get it to look right. Any web page editor will allow you to create or edit a constant contact email generated this way.