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Workarounds to Attaching a File


A common question we hear is “How do I attach something to my Constant Contact emails?” Unfortunately you cannot attach a file to your emails but we have several other sharing options for you. Using a workaround instead makes sure that your email is delivered and not blocked because of file size, prevents you from unknowingly sending viruses and makes sure your recipients are able to open and save the file.


Host files online

On your website- Upload the file to your website and direct people to it by putting a link into your email.


Using the Digioh app- Available in our Marketplace, this app allows you to attach files to your emails and then track the number of downloads. Please note, this is a third party application and Constant Contact is not able to answer questions about it.


Convert into an image

If your file does not contain much text and can be displayed in a smaller format, putting the file in your email as an image is a great option. Here are some directions on turning your file into an image. Please note, this is a not a good option for files with lots of text or files that need to be viewed in a larger format. 


Convert into a PDF

*Recommended*  This is the most popular option. It will allow your recipients to easily click and download your file as a PDF. They can save or print as needed with this option.


1. Save or convert your file to a PDF

2. Upload the PDF file to your Document Library

3. Insert a link to the PDF in your email.


For more detailed directions check out “Can I add PDFs to my email?”


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I want customers to be able to go to our website and have white papers emailed to them from Constant Contact.  Suggestions?

Valued Contributor

Constant Contact does not have such a feature and I would not expect that in any email marketing program. If you want to email documents you will have to have that programmed on your Website. Perhaps you could find a script. Generally, when sites want to make documents available they just post the link on their site so the person can easily download it immediately. If you wanted to collect the persons name and email address you could make that a requirement before displaying the document link.

Contributing Developer
You can't include attachments in your email from CC. (insert paragraph here) The closest way to do this would be to have your white papers created and stored on your website first. Then modify your "Welcome email" that new sign ups get to include links to your available white papers on your website. The new user would go to a landing page that would include a link to your PDF file. (insert paragraph here) I started working on a project for a customer exactly like this, until we ran into the problem that you are allowed only one welcome email for the whole CC account and not per segmented list as I think it needs to be for more flexibility.
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Having a problem attaching a draft which contains several links and attach it to a primary draft
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Jack, Attach ?? Can you be more specific with this question? What is the format of the document you are trying to attach? You really can't attach anything to an email generated in CTCT as you would a normally creating desktop email. You can only add a link to the attachment. Regards, Tony

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I woring with a franchising company and am wondering if Constant Contact has the ability to do the following...


1. The ability to have the same email address on a mailing list. Some of our customers own multiple stores in different locations and use same email address for contacting them. We would want to have custom fields for each email address such as sales data, etc., so that each email can be personalized to them.

2. The ability to HIDE the email addresses from the users of the software so that they do not export the list and use it elsewhere (Mailchimp, etc.). This would also cut down on spamming them since they would not have the email addresses available to them directly.

3. Multi-client capability so that each franchisee has their own lists, templates, etc that are available only to them.

4. Personalized attachments (PDFs, JPGs etc.) per subscriber. In this case, we would send them a personalized contract in PDF form, graphic samples, etc. Can these be added via the API?


5, Can we change the branding on the interface to reflect our company?





CTCT Employee

Hello Kevin,


I'd be happy to assist you with all your concerns:


1. Unfortunately we have no way of having the same email address in the same list or the same send, our system is setup to deduplicate email address within the same list as well as within the same sends. However you do have the functionality to pull Custom Fields for an individual email address.


2. I apologize at this point we do not have the ability to lock contacts for any account, but you can lock certain fields in a email template if you have this developed by our Custom Services team Having a custom template will allow to make sure your franchisee cannot edit any particular part of the email.


3. Yes you would be able to have multiple clients under one account and each client would have its own database and account, to do this our franchise team would have to create a franchise account  for you.


4. As for attachments you can add links to PDF files, or images. If you need these attachments to be different for each user you would have to add the link to one of our custom field that associated with the email address you are sending to.


5. You have the ability to remove all Constant Contact from the account, you also can add you own logos into the email you are creating.