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We’re starting a new series where you get to meet some of the people behind the scenes at Constant Contact. We want to help put a name to the faces that you might hear on the phone and show you the people you don’t get to talk to on a regular basis, like our Marketing team, Product Teams and more! We’re very excited to start this off, so come on and take a look at our first victim, ahem I mean participant, Kade!



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You might have read our article about the time we got to spend volunteering with this great organization. Now, find out more about the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center directly from someone who works there.





When I was invited to spend part of the day with some of my co-workers volunteering with the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center I did not even hesitate to say "Yes." I talk with customers every day through social media, here in the Community and also over the phones, but it's not every day that you get to see all of the additional work that they do once our conversation is over. I was excited to get to know one of the many customers who use Constant Contact for their email marketing.



We'll admit that the emoticons in the Community were a little...outdated. This has been an exciting 2017 for the Community with the new mobile-responsive site and the addition of badges. Now we have the addition of 66 new emojis for our members to include in their posts.




There are the typical facial expressions such as and but we're more than just a pretty face. We've included some nature-themed ones, technology and office-related ones, and even some fun emojis like a unicorn  , a taco  , and a donut   (personally, the donut is my favorite)!


Which one are you excited to use? Let us know what you think in the comments. Maybe include an emoji or two!

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