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Are you one of our many customers who are MAC owners? I know we sometimes seem like we’re a Windows world so I wanted to write up a post on how to export your contacts that you have stored in your MAC Address Book. Doing a simple Google search will find you many ways to export manually but I’m going to give you some insight into an Import Tool that we have here.


Apple Mail for Constant Contact created by Cazoomi is not only free but will import your contacts for you! This app allows you to share information between your Apple Contacts and Constant Contact. And who doesn’t want that!


Some key features are that you can sync your contacts to Apple Contacts & iCloud. You can also segment and create custom lists for Constant Contact right in Apple Mail.


So what are you waiting for? Download this app now so that you can seamlessly connect and get your Contacts in and updated as often as you need to!

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It seems that everyone has a mobile phone nowadays. Even my 13 year old stepson has had one for 3 years. With so many people connected via mobile this is the perfect way to get your customers/fans to join your mailing list. Not sure how to set it up? No worries, read on and I’ll walk you through it!


Once logged into your account, click on the Contacts button on the left

Next, click on Sign-Up Tools on the top header

Sign-Up Tools.png

On the right pane, click on Text to sign-up under More Tools

Text to sign-up.png

You are now taken to the screen where you can set up your Text-to-Join

First, click the box to turn it on

text to join turn on.png

This opens up the options below:


Choose your Keyword for your new contacts to text: 3-16 characters

Choose Keyword.png

Edit Your Request Message: This is what the contact gets as a reply when they text in: 82 characters

request message.png

Select the Contact List you want them to join

select list.png

Edit Your Thank-You Message: 65 characters

Thank You Message.png

And finally, click Complete Setup.

On the next screen, you can customize your sign to print to put up in your store!

Click Create My Sign when done.

And that’s it! Super easy to get started! Now get into your account to set up Text-to-Join and start collecting new contacts!

Any questions let us know!

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I know you have all been there. That person who is on your list contacts you and says “Hey, I haven’t been receiving email from you.” So you look them up in your Constant Contact account to find out that they are in your Unsubscribes list. They tell you that they never opted out, unsubscribed or marked you as spam. A contact can unsubscribe by clicking the SafeUnsubscribe link or image in the footer. They can also be unsubscribed if they mark the email as Spam within their email client. Now that you know how someone could be unsubscribed, let’s show you how to get them back on your list!


There are 3 ways someone can re-opt in:


  • Click the Update Preferences link in the footer of an email sent from you
  • Visit your website/Facebook page where you have a Join My Mailing List option
  • Send them the Sign-Up URL from within your Contacts section in your account

Once a contact enters their email address into any of the above options, they will be sent an Update Profile email to confirm that they do, in fact, want to receive emails from you and your organization.


And that is it! That’s how easy it is to get your unsubscribed contacts back on your list!


One of the top things I do when I go into a local business is I am always looking for a way to join their mailing list. Many people are. I’m always disappointed if I can’t find a way to sign up. The same applies if I’m on a website making a purchase or just want to follow a blog. I want to be in the know. Tell me what is going on with your organization. Make me feel like I’m in a secret society that is well versed with the behind the scenes. Have a new product launching? I want to be the first to know. And how will I know? By joining your list. Are you looking for ways to grow your list? Of course you are! No matter what level of list collector you are, we have tools for you!


Grow Your List.png


If you’re a beginner or basic level, start with a signup sheet at your Point of Sale. If you’re on Social Media, add our Join My Mailing List app to your Facebook page. At your next event, ask for emails as guests sign in!


Internediate grow your list.png


If you’re not new to the scene, use Text-to-Join on your counters or in your newsletters! Don’t forget to add a signup button to your website!


Advanced Grow Your List.png


Are you more of an Advanced list collector? If so, start a referral system to reward customers for new referrals. Promote your newsletter on your Social Media networks.


To see all the great ways that you can grow your list, check out “Easy Resources to Grow Your List” now!




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While managing your bounces within your account, you may have noticed a new bounce “Suspended”. This may seem confusing to you especially if you have contacts that are within this category. But don’t worry because this post will explain everything to you! Please note that there is no new functionality to this. We just created a label so that you would know that a contact is now in our temporary hold for 15 days. We do this so that you are not continuing to send to a contact that isn’t receiving your emails to begin with.


Suspended Bounce.png


When a contact bounces for the first time, it will show as non-existent, then the next time, if during that 15 day hold period, it will display as Suspend. If this is the first time that you are sending to a contact and they are showing up as Suspended that is completely normal as well. This Suspend category is used throughout our entire customer base. What that means is that your contact may be on someone else’s mailing list and they sent to them and they bounced. Now they will display as Suspend on any list that they are on should someone send a mailing to them through their Constant Contact account.


Please note that after the 15 day temporary hold, the email address is put back as an active contact. Any customer of ours who has them on their list can now attempt to email them. If they bounce again, they will be placed on hold for an indefinite amount of time and show in all accounts that have them as Suspended. When this happens, we definitely recommend removing them. If you know that they are a valid contact, you can send them our IP addresses to whitelist them in their system as it is possible that they are being sent emails on an IP address that they don’t recognize. Check out the post that I wrote on what to do if your contacts are being blocked in our Reports board.


And that’s what is new with our Suspend bounce category. Get logged into your account and check your bounces now to see if anyone is Suspended. And if you have any questions, let us know!

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When you’re working on your contacts, you sometimes find that their information doesn’t fit into the labels that we have pre-determined within your account. You may want to have your own date field for a Birthday or Anniversary. Or maybe you want to have a field that is titled Student’s Name. Whatever the reason is, you need flexibility to do this. And you need the flexibility to remove this feature too.


Enter our Custom Field functionality. With Custom Fields you can enter your own label for your contacts. But what happens if you enter the wrong information for the label or you no longer are utilizing that label for your contacts? You will want to delete it. Let me show how.


  • Once logged into your account, click on My Account  > My Settings


My Settings Toolkit.jpg



  • Next, you want to scroll down to Contact Settings on the left and click on Manage my custom fields


Manage Custom Fields.jpg



  • On the next screen, you will notice little x’s at the end of each custom field.


delete custom field.png


  • Just click on the X to remove that custom field.


You will receive this overlay to confirm. This cannot be undone once you click OK.


delete custom field overlay confirm.png


You can re-add the custom field but that will not add this custom field to contacts currently within your account.


  • Then click Save.


That’s it! Now go into your account and delete any of your custom fields that are no longer needed!


If you have any questions let us know!


Does your account look different from this? Check out our post in Using Standalone Products.

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The 3 most common items of contact information that is collected and imported within Constant Contact are First Name, Last Name, and Company Name. Our Contact systems gives you many more options to choose from to label your contact’s information, whether you add them manually one at a time or you’re uploading a file. However, even we don’t know the exact labels that will fit every businesses needs for their contact database. When this happens, we turn the reins over to you.


With full control of what label you wish to utilize, our Custom Field feature is available to you. Let me show you how easy it is to get your Custom Fields set up to accommodate you.


  • Once logged into your account, click on My Account  > My Settings in the top right


My Settings Toolkit.jpg


  • Next scroll down to Contact Settings > click on Manage my custom fields


Manage Custom Fields.jpg



  • On the next screen, you will want to click the link Add Custom Field and a drop down will appear with 2 options:  new text field or new date field


Add custom field dropdown.png


  • If you just want a basic text field for text to be entered, choose text field
  • If you want a date to be selected, such as an Anniversary or Birthday, choose date field
  • When you are done adding your Custom Field labels, click the gold Save button.


Get started now by following the above steps to truly add customization to your Campaigns that you send to your Contacts!


Does your account look or sound different from this? Check out our post in Using Standalone Products!


Any questions let us know!

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Some of you may have noticed that when you are importing your contacts from a file an area where you can select if you have Implied or Express Permission to email.  To learn more about Implied & Express content, check out this great article that Hannah_M wrote back in July of this year.


By selecting if you have implied or express permission, this really helps you and your account stay compliant. We first introduced this to help with those in Canada who have to be compliant with CASL. But if you’re seeing this in your account, this is great to take full advantage of.  This will help you if your account is marked for an Account Review and we can actually see within your account that your contacts gave you implied or express permission.


Impiled or Express Permission.png


A brief rundown – Implied permissions are those that you have a business relationship with, while express permissions are those that have stated “Yes, I want to receive email communications from you.”.


Want to learn more about our email permission policy? Check it out here!


Any questions don’t hesitate to let us know!

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We’ve revamped our Export feature in the Contacts area! As you may have seen when you want to export, now you can choose what information you wish to export. This feature is just one of the features that you requested! Make sure to share your feedback with us and vote for ideas that you like and want.


Check out the steps below!


  • When you are in your Contacts, click on a Contacts folder, list or a tag to open the list of contacts within.
  • Check either the box to select all or manually check the contacts you wish to export
  • Now, click the Export button within the toolbar header
  • This snazzy overlay pops up and has prechecked First Name, Last Name, Email address and Lists.
  • If you want to Export all contact details, click the box to the left of Contact Info
  • To collapse a category (Contact Info, Address Info, Custom Fields, Advanced Info) simply click the arrow to the right of the category name
  • Once you’ve selected all the details you wish to export, click the blue Export Contacts

    Export Contact details.jpg

Up at the top of the screen you will see a green header that says Your contacts were successfully exported. Download now Click Download now to download to your computer.


Download Export Contact Details.jpg


And that is exporting your contacts. If you have any questions let us know!

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If you’ve added our Facebook Join My Mailing List App to your Facebook Business Page, you can customize it to look how you want. This is only a few steps to accomplish. Check them out below!


Log in as your Business Page


Click the drop down under More > Manage Tabs


Click on Add or Remove Tabs


Click Edit Settings under the Constant Contact app


JMML Edit Settings.jpg


Add the Tab if Available


On the overlay that displays, you can click the Change next to the Custom Tab Image or you can add a name for your Custom Tab Name in the blank spot > Click Save and then click OK


If you’d like to rearrange the position of the tabs, when you click on More > Manage Tabs, you can then drag the app to the position you want.


JMML drag.jpg


To remove the app, click on Add or Remove Tabs.


Click Edit Settings


Then click on the remove link to the right of Tab


jmml remove app.jpg



And that’s it!  Now get to customizing your app so that it truly reflects you and your brand!


Any questions let us know!

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