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While you are editing your event, your three options will be Event “Basics, settings, and registration.” This is where we can edit information such as the time, location, the registration process, and the settings of the event including whether or not we want to accept donations and how we would like to accept payments from our registrants. It will look just like the image below.

Image 1.JPG

As you make your way further on down the “Event Settings” page, you will see a section titled “Can people make a donation?” If you select Yes, more fields will populate that will need to be filled out. First will be your PayPal email address. As long as your organization is 501(c)3 compliant, you will be able to accept donations.  




Here you can also provide an explanation as to what your donors are donating to. It always helps to give the donor an idea as to where there money is going and what cause they are supporting. It is likely that if they are donating, they are already aware of the cause, but it never hurts to re-iterate to them who they are supporting during the moment in which they finalize their donation.


You will also have the option to either give them a suggested amount to donate, or for the donor to be able to pick and choose what they would like to give.  Also, don’t forget to thank your donor. I’m sure they know your business is appreciative, but thanking them during the act of donating is a key component as well. Maybe send them an email a few weeks or months later as well to let them know how the cause is doing, and how their time and money was put to use.


One important thing to know is that the donation opportunity by default, only populates when someone declines the invitation to your event. If you wish to make the donation link available to your registrants, you can copy and paste it into the landing page of your event so that those who register will have the opportunity to donate as well!


Have you ever run an event where donations were accepted? Did it serve your organization well? It can be a great way to market and grow your small business or non-profit!


We hope you find this information helpful!



Ian W

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Now that you have decided to use a Donation Campaign, make it your own by using one of your images.  When you are creating your Donation Campaign in the first step all you have to do is click Change next to the default image.  If you are editing your Campaign after already creating it, click to Edit the Landing Page, and you will see Change like mentioned previously.  This is what it will look like:  


Once you click Change, your Library will display.  You can then select an image from here, or choose an Image URL to use instead. 


Keep in mind that the recommended image size is 700 pixels wide by 350 pixels high.  This image size will work the best for your Donation Page.  This image will also display in the email that gets sent out to your contacts as well. 

Once you’ve added your image and updated your description your Donation Campaign is ready to launch! 

Have you used our Donation Campaign?  Share your results here, what worked, what didn’t, and any lessons that you learned. 

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Now that you have your donation campaign set up, here’s how you can set it up to send to your contacts. 


If you are starting out by creating your donation campaign, after filling in the information about the donation you can click Continue to edit the email.  If you have already created the donation page and want to schedule the email, after going to the Campaign Information page, you will see a blue Schedule Email button.


In the email sent to your contacts you have the ability to edit the Subject Line, From Name, From Email address and the Email body/content.  The email will include the image you selected for your Donation Page and a “Donate” Button automatically.    You can then schedule your email in the blue box on the right side.  Here you can choose to Send Now or Send Later.  To send the email out you will want to click the orange Schedule & Finish button. 



Here is an example of what your email will look like:




Now that you have sent the email to your contacts, don’t forget to use Simple Share to share the Campaign with your audience on Social Media. 



Have you used our Donation Campaign yet?  Any suggestions to some of our newer users? 

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Did you know you can create a campaign to help raise money for your cause? You can tell a story to your potential contributors and then collect credit card donations using our Donation Template.


To get started: 7-8-2014 11-26-39 AM.jpg

  1. Login to your Constant Contact account 
  2. Click Campaign > Create A Campaign
  3. Click Offers and Promotions > Donation > Create Campaign
  4. Fill out the Donation page title, default donation amount, campaign goal (optional) and end date (optional)
  5. Add an image and short story about why you are raising money
  6. Connect to WePay
  7. Edit the Theme if you would like
  8. Click “Make Page Live”
  9. Once on the next page, make sure you fill out the fields to send a Donation campaign email
  10. Click Schedule and Finish!


Your Donation page will stay live until the end date you selected. If you didn’t select an end date, you can continue to collect donations until you manually click the “End Donation Campaign” button on the reporting page.


Don’t forget to track the progress of your campaign once it’s live.



To get this tracking

  1. Login to Constant Contact
  2. Click Campaign > The name of the campaign

Here you can see:

  • The amount of money raised
  • Track and export a list of donors
  • Manage your WePay account
  • Schedule an email
  • Promote your campaign on social media using Simple Share
  • Make a copy of your donation page

How have you used a donation campaign? Share your past experience with us!

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You signed up for our Email Package because you were only at first sending out Email Campaigns. But now you want to host an Event & send out more than just an announcement. You want to handle all of your Event Promotion & Registration from right within your Constant Contact account. Or maybe you want to run an Offer or Promotion.   Constant Contact has these tools for you right within your account; we just have to activate them.


Here are some things you should know before getting started going beyond the Email Campaign:


  • One-Time Plus Campaigns are a la carte; each Plus Campaign will cost you $50 for the duration of the Campaign and will appear in your billing as such
  • If you have a Prepayment on your account, we will deduct the One-Time Plus Campaign cost from it. This will cause your Prepayment to run out sooner.
  • You will be prompted to pay for your One-Time Campaign after you have gone through the creation flow and are ready to publish
  • Depending on the Campaign you add, reporting may vary. For example, Event reporting is only available for 185 days from Publish date.
  • Plus Campaigns are notated by Green Asterisks

Now that we got the formalities out of the way, let’s find out what a One-Time Plus Campaign can do for you!


With Plus Campaigns, you will get the option to create an Event and have a Landing Page. You can set up a Donation to raise money for your business or nonprofit!  You can survey or poll your contacts about your recent campaign or about a promotion you had.  Ever thought about having a trackable coupon that just went out to your contact list?  This is the place to get this done and so much more!


To find out more about Plus Campaigns, check out “What is a Plus Campaign Anyways?”.


*Note: If you find that you are running multiple plus campaigns, you may want to upgrade to our Email Plus Package. You will have unlimited access to Plus Campaigns under this package. 


What is the difference between a Campaign and a Plus Campaign?

A Campaign is a newsletter/announcement/letter that is sent from your account.  Plus Campaigns include Landing pages.  This enables your audience to perform various tasks related to the campaign (i.e. Sign Up, Register, Purchase, etc.) and for you to get reporting from those campaigns.  You will get reporting on Campaigns, like opens and clicks; while with a Plus Campaign you can see Revenue Earned, Registrations, etc. (reporting is based off of campaign type).  We call this “End-To-End Reporting - Detailed tracking and reporting on all of your campaigns, with tips on what to do next.   See everything from campaign highlights down to every action: who clicked, opened, forwarded, and shared your emails. Plus Campaigns also provide stats on purchases, registrations, redemptions, new customer growth, and more.”


So what kinds of Plus Campaign are available?
The Plus Campaigns available within your accounts are:


      - Facebook Fan Promotions Run a promotion (sweepstakes, coupon or download content) on Facebook to grow your fans and extend your reach on social!

      - Trackable Coupons Offer coupons that you can track, redeem in your account, while your audience can share through email and social.

      - Local Deals Offer a deal for purchase and sharing by your contacts.

      - Donations – Raise money for your cause by promoting your campaign through email and social.Check out this post on Dontation Campaigns!

      - Event Promotion & Registration – Promotion, Registration, Payment & Reporting for your event… all in one place.

      - Surveys – Get feedback, segment your audience, and targeting your emails are just a couple of ways to use our Surveys. 

      - Polls  - Want to engage with your audience, but not with a full survey, as a poll questions via email, social or on the web. 


Why do I need Plus Campaigns?
Plus Campaigns let you run the show and have more potential for reporting, revenue, and information in general.  For the event that you are going to have, wouldn't it be easier to have your Promotional Emails, Registration, Payment, and Management all within one account?  Want to run a local deal for your customers and grow your audience?  We've got the tools to help you and your business grow your reach and manage your current audience all at the same time. 


How can I get a Plus Campaign?
When choosing to Create a New Campaign Plus Campaigns are designated by a green box with an asterisk.  Here’s what it will look like: 


Plus Campaigns.png


How much do Plus Campaigns cost?
Depending on the package that you have for your account, Plus Campaigns can have different cost(s).  If you are under a Basic Package, each plus campaign is $50 per use.  If you are under the Essential or Ultimate package Plus Campaigns you have access to Unlimited Plus Campaigns as part of your package.  

Introducing the Donation Campaign!


We know that for nonprofits, offering a convenient way for supporters to donate online, from any device is essential in today’s increasingly mobile world. But we also understand that for a lot of nonprofits, finding a solution that’s reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use can be a challenge.


That’s why we are thrilled to announce our latest campaign in the Toolkit: Donations!




Our Donation campaign will help individuals and nonprofit organizations promote their cause, collect credit card donations, and attract new donors online. When you pair the Donation campaign with all the other features the Toolkit has to offer, nonprofits and individual fund-raisers will now have one easy place to collect and manage donations, connect with supporters through email, and manage their donor database all in one place.


With a Donation Campaign You Can:


  • Create a customizable, mobile-friendly donation page to inspire people to give
  • Set a goals and a timeline for your campaign
  • Promote your campaign through email and social media
  • Collect donations instantly and securely using WePay — donors simply land on your page, click donate, and pay with their credit card
  • See real-time reporting on how your campaign is tracking against your goals


Donation Campaigns are available unlimited in the Essential and Ultimate packages of the Toolkit.


Thanks for reading! 


Jim Mariano

Product Manager 

Event Registration & Donations

Constant Contact


T: @Jim_Mariano

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