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UPDATED: November 2018


Knowing who has unsubscribed from your emails is an important part of email marketing. This post will take a look at how to export your unsubscribed list from your account.


***An important note to remember is your unsubscribe/do-not-mail requests (also known as opt-outs) never expire. Federal law requires that you honor all opt-out requests indefinitely, even if you switch to a different marketing provider, unless you receive a new explicit opt-in request for that address. ***

Exporting your unsubscribe list:

  1.        Click on “Contacts”, in the top left hand corner.
  2.        You will notice there is a folder called “Unsubscribed” under your “Contacts” heading.  Click on the word “Unsubscribed”. (Any  contact that has unsubscribed or opted-out of your emails will now display to the right.)
  3.        Now, click on the checkbox next to the name of the contact (you can also select the first check box next to where it says “name” to select all contacts in the list), and then you will see an option to “export”becomes available.

    Click Export Contacts.png

  4.        Choose any field of information you wish to export, and click on “Export Contacts”.
    Click Export Contacts.png

  5.        You will get a message letting you know the contacts were exported and will include a link to download the file. (Note: If the list is large, you will be able to track the activity and when it's done, a link to download the file will become available).

    Export Confirmation Message.png


Now you have a backup of contacts that have unsubscribed which you can use to update your own database with!


Click here if you need a text version of how to export contacts for future reference!

  • Exporting Unsubscribes