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As a Plus Campaign, all of the Facebook Fan Promotions have a landing page.  Depending on the promotion type that you choose the Landing Page changes slightly.  The landing page is the first page someone will see when going to your promotion.  You can promote this page by going to your Facebook page, and viewing the campaign.  This page has a unique URL that can be shared so your audience is lead directly to the campaign.  Let’s go over the differences in the Landing Pages: 


  • Coupon: The landing page will show the amount or percentage off that you have chosen in Step 1, and have a field for your audience to enter their email address to receive the coupon. 
  • Downloadable Content: Similar to the coupon this page asks for an email to send the Downloadable Content to.
  • Sweepstakes: This is the landing page that is different. Here the participant would need to enter First, Last and Email address.  

As a reminder: Facebook made a change to all Promotions, where liking a page cannot be a necessary step in the process to enter a promotion or view information.  This means that there is no more “Like Gate” to any pages, where you hide a coupon until someone likes your page.  Our landing pages are Action Gated.  These are the fill in forms on each of the landing pages.  It means that in order to get the coupon, receive the downloadable content, or enter the sweepstakes the user will need to enter their information; however, all visitors will be able to view the campaign.


Does this look or sound different than your account?  Check out this post in the Standlaone Boards.

  • Facebook Fan Promotion

Let’s go over the different kinds of Facebook promotion Campaign templates that are available to you.


Depending on the Campaign that you choose, the templates can look a little different, let’s go over the differences:


-          Coupon Campaign – Awning, Banner (with a custom image), Clean (with a custom image) Rainbow, Ribbon & Soft.

-          Downloadable Content – Clean (with a custom image), Elegant, Rainbow, Ribbon, Soft

-          Sweepstakes – Clean (with a custom image) or Rainbow


You can change the template for your campaign under Step 2 – Look & Feel when creating your campaign.




Have a suggestion for this type of Campaign, want to see a different type of template? Share your ideas here.


What is your go-to template? Share your experiences here!

  • Facebook Fan Promotion

Adding images to your Social Campaigns can help bring attention to what you are offering. The image you include will also be used in the email announcement you send to your customers.


Templates that allow images to be added: 

  • Clean
  • Banner

& more to be added soon!


1. You will enter the details of your campaign on Step 1.


2. On step 2 Look & Feel, select the template you would like to use.

3. Click the “Change Image” link that shows.

    Please note, the maximum size of your image is 250 x 220

4. Choose the image you want to use. You can use an image that is:

   - Already in your Library: Scroll through your uploaded images to find the one you are looking for.

   - Needs to be uploaded: Click “Use Your Image” and then “Upload File”

   - Is on Facebook or Instagram: Click “Upload” and then the Social Networks tab to log into your social network and select your images

   - Is hosted elsewhere: Click “Image URL” tab and paste in your image URL.

   - Need to find an image: Click “Upload” and then the “Stock Images” tab to browse the free and paid images that are available from Bigstock

5. Click “Insert” if your image is ready to go, or “Customize” to edit your image before inserting it.

6. Click the “Preview” button to view your offers as your customers will.

7. Click “Update” to add the image to your offer.


That’s it!



  • Facebook Fan Promotion

Simple Share and Facebook Promotions are two similar, yet very different tools within Constant Contact. Here's a comparison of the two.


Simple Share vs Facebook Promotion.png



As you can see, both tools will increase your campaigns visibility on social media sites. This will grow both your fan and customer base.  Facebook Promotions are campaigns you actually create and post directly on Facebook.  Simple Share is an action you take on any campaigns you create, to share on either Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter.


How to use each tool:



  1.        Click on the name of the campaign you want to share, and click on simple_share_button_3.png
  2.        When using Simple Share for the first time you will need to sign into each of your accounts.
    Connect with Simple Share.png

  3.        You may be prompted to give permission for the site to access your profile. (Note: If you have more than one Facebook page, such as a personal and a business page, you will need to select which one you want to connect to.)
    Grant Access.png

  4.        Next, you can edit the subject line that will appear on the post.
    Edit Subject Line Twitter & FB.png

  5.        Lastly, click on “Save and close”.  You will get a confirmation message like the following:
    Social Share Confirmation Message.png
                       (Note: To see the pending message, click on the link)

Click this link to check out our post on how to create a Facebook Promotion! (Note: Link will open in a new window).


We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment and tell us how you use both SimpleShare and Facebook Promotions, and the success you've had with each tool!


Looking for even more information on Simple Share & Facebook Promotions? (Click on each tool to learn more about them!)

  • Facebook Fan Promotion

Once you have started your Facebook promotion you might decide that you want to end it earlier (or later) than originally planned. Don’t worry; you can change the end data for the promo even once it’s live.


Tip: Constant Contact suggests running a campaign for 2-3 weeks but there is no limit to how long a campaign can run. Remember, you will want to keep up interest in your campaign while it’s running so make sure you are posting on your Facebook page and other social sites to tell people all about it.


To Change the End Date:

1. Login to Constant Contact and click the Campaigns button on the left.
2. Find the Campaign under “Offers & Promotions”
3. From the “Action” menu on the right choose “Edit” to change the date or “End Now” to end the campaign immediately.

4. If you have chosen to edit the end date, click the “Schedule” tab at the top of the page. This is step 3.
5. End the “End” option.
6. Confirm on the popup that you understand the impact of changing your end date.

7. Click Save & Edit to save your changes,. 

  • Facebook Fan Promotion

If you are a first time user of the Facebook Promotion Campaign, you will need to add your Facebook page during Step 3 – Schedule when creating your campaign.  You will click the button to “Connect with Facebook”



You will need to allow the application on Facebook, you can do this by clicking “Okay” three times.  Once you have allowed the application on Facebook you are brought to a page asking you what page you would like the Promotion to appear on.  You can click the button to Select the page for the promotion to appear on.  If you want to select multiple pages, once back on Step 3, click on the Page Name under Facebook Page, and select Connect Another Facebook account.  You will then get to Select More pages, like the image below.




Under Step 5 you can set up  Social Posts to publish on your Facebook and Twitter pages to promote your campaign.  If you would like to add a Facebook or Twitter page, you can click Add Channel on the right side of the page.




You will then be prompted to Authorize the Application through Twitter or Facebook and then you will be able to toggle the accounts you are posting to on the right. 




You are now ready to finalize your campaign to publish it on your Facebook Business Page!  

  • Facebook Fan Promotion

Facebook Fan Promotions are an exciting way to engage your audience and attract new customers by creating special redeemable offers such as coupons, sweepstakes or downloadable content on your Facebook business page, in nearly no time! 


Note: If you are a basic user these promotions are considered a plus campaign. You are welcome to purchase a one-time plus campaign for your account by clicking on “My Account”, then “Plans & Pricing”, you will see a link to purchase a plus campaign.


To create a Facebook Fan Promotion:

  1.     Click “Create”

    Create Button in TK.png
  2.     Click on “Grow Facebook fans”
    .What would you like-TK.png
  3.     You will get a brief summary about a Facebook promotion, click “Create”
    Create Button on Facebook Summary-TK.png

  4.     You can now select what kind of promotion to run Coupon, Downloadable Content, or Sweepstakes. Click here for more information on       these types of promotions.

  5.      Press “Select” for the type of promotion you want to create. 

 Tye of FB promotion-TK.png

You are now able to create your Facebook promotion!


Want more information on how it all works?  Check out our FAQ on Facebook Promotions, or click here for a video tutorial!

Are you looking to super charge your likes on Facebook? Constant Contact offers you the ability to create all different kinds of Facebook promotions to drive your likes to another level. You can run things from a sweepstakes, to a coupon or even a downloadable content promotion!




With these three options for creating promotions on Facebook you can definitely make your brand shine on Facebook; one of the biggest social media platforms around! Extend your reach and use these options to reach people you might not be reaching with just Email Marketing:


  • Coupons let you offer a special discount for your fans.
  • Downloadable Content will let you give your fans something on the spot that they can download and enjoy, like a free song or recipe.
  • Sweepstakes promotions will let you offer your fans a chance to win something great! (And no worries, Constant Contact will choose the winner for you so it is fair and random!)

So what are you waiting for?! Start creating a coupon for your Facebook fans and potential new Facebook fans today! 


You signed up for our Email Package because you were only at first sending out Email Campaigns. But now you want to host an Event & send out more than just an announcement. You want to handle all of your Event Promotion & Registration from right within your Constant Contact account. Or maybe you want to run an Offer or Promotion.   Constant Contact has these tools for you right within your account; we just have to activate them.


Here are some things you should know before getting started going beyond the Email Campaign:


  • One-Time Plus Campaigns are a la carte; each Plus Campaign will cost you $50 for the duration of the Campaign and will appear in your billing as such
  • If you have a Prepayment on your account, we will deduct the One-Time Plus Campaign cost from it. This will cause your Prepayment to run out sooner.
  • You will be prompted to pay for your One-Time Campaign after you have gone through the creation flow and are ready to publish
  • Depending on the Campaign you add, reporting may vary. For example, Event reporting is only available for 185 days from Publish date.
  • Plus Campaigns are notated by Green Asterisks

Now that we got the formalities out of the way, let’s find out what a One-Time Plus Campaign can do for you!


With Plus Campaigns, you will get the option to create an Event and have a Landing Page. You can set up a Donation to raise money for your business or nonprofit!  You can survey or poll your contacts about your recent campaign or about a promotion you had.  Ever thought about having a trackable coupon that just went out to your contact list?  This is the place to get this done and so much more!


To find out more about Plus Campaigns, check out “What is a Plus Campaign Anyways?”.


*Note: If you find that you are running multiple plus campaigns, you may want to upgrade to our Email Plus Package. You will have unlimited access to Plus Campaigns under this package. 


What is the difference between a Campaign and a Plus Campaign?

A Campaign is a newsletter/announcement/letter that is sent from your account.  Plus Campaigns include Landing pages.  This enables your audience to perform various tasks related to the campaign (i.e. Sign Up, Register, Purchase, etc.) and for you to get reporting from those campaigns.  You will get reporting on Campaigns, like opens and clicks; while with a Plus Campaign you can see Revenue Earned, Registrations, etc. (reporting is based off of campaign type).  We call this “End-To-End Reporting - Detailed tracking and reporting on all of your campaigns, with tips on what to do next.   See everything from campaign highlights down to every action: who clicked, opened, forwarded, and shared your emails. Plus Campaigns also provide stats on purchases, registrations, redemptions, new customer growth, and more.”


So what kinds of Plus Campaign are available?
The Plus Campaigns available within your accounts are:


      - Facebook Fan Promotions Run a promotion (sweepstakes, coupon or download content) on Facebook to grow your fans and extend your reach on social!

      - Trackable Coupons Offer coupons that you can track, redeem in your account, while your audience can share through email and social.

      - Local Deals Offer a deal for purchase and sharing by your contacts.

      - Donations – Raise money for your cause by promoting your campaign through email and social.Check out this post on Dontation Campaigns!

      - Event Promotion & Registration – Promotion, Registration, Payment & Reporting for your event… all in one place.

      - Surveys – Get feedback, segment your audience, and targeting your emails are just a couple of ways to use our Surveys. 

      - Polls  - Want to engage with your audience, but not with a full survey, as a poll questions via email, social or on the web. 


Why do I need Plus Campaigns?
Plus Campaigns let you run the show and have more potential for reporting, revenue, and information in general.  For the event that you are going to have, wouldn't it be easier to have your Promotional Emails, Registration, Payment, and Management all within one account?  Want to run a local deal for your customers and grow your audience?  We've got the tools to help you and your business grow your reach and manage your current audience all at the same time. 


How can I get a Plus Campaign?
When choosing to Create a New Campaign Plus Campaigns are designated by a green box with an asterisk.  Here’s what it will look like: 


Plus Campaigns.png


How much do Plus Campaigns cost?
Depending on the package that you have for your account, Plus Campaigns can have different cost(s).  If you are under a Basic Package, each plus campaign is $50 per use.  If you are under the Essential or Ultimate package Plus Campaigns you have access to Unlimited Plus Campaigns as part of your package.