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You have a voice and an opinion, we all do. Not all companies want to hear from you though. Even if what you have to say would be helpful to many other users/customers for that business, sometimes it feels like no one hears you. Well, that all changes here at Constant Contact. Not only do we want to hear from you, I’m going to show you how you can share your opinions with us. Have a great feature request that you know would be helpful not only for you but for others who use our tools? Is something not working exactly the way you think it should work? Maybe there is something that is missing from our product suite that you think would bring great value. Please tell us by following the steps below to share!


Toolkit Feedback.pngYou may have seen the Feedback wording in the bottom left corner when you’re working in the product. 






The feedback window will only show the options related to what you are working on. Just simply click on Feedback and you will be given a few choices to choose from to ensure that your feedback is sorted to the correct location for the highest impact.


Toolkit Contacts Feedback.png


We know you’re not always logged into the product when a great idea strikes you! You could be in the car or in line at a store when you have a moment to think and all of a sudden your brain introduces you to this great idea. If you’re ever not within the product and have feedback to share, just log back into the Community and leave your feedback here in our Toolkit Feedback, Ideas, and Suggestions. All the categories that are available to you within product are listed here. But what is even better is once you are in this Idea Exchange is that you can see the features others are requesting. You may see something that has you thinking that it’s a good idea too. If you think it’s a great idea, just click on the Vote arrow to the left of the idea. Toolkit Feedback Vote.png


 You can only vote on each idea once. You can vote on everything in the exchange if you want. Just remember that our Product Owners and Developers are looking at the ideas that have the most votes to truly understand what our users are wanting and to ensure that they deliver upon those requests for you. So make sure to only vote for ideas that you would want to see within the product.



So, that’s how easy it is to share your feedback. Start sharing it with us today to have your voice heard. We truly want to hear it, we built you a special place to connect with other users and us.


If you have a product question, please share it here in our Using Toolkit Product Boards.


Does your account look a little different from the above? Check out our post in the Using Standalone Product Boards.

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While our website offers you a wealth of information regarding our products and features, we also showcase for you some of our internal information. Being a publicly traded company allows us to share with you Investor information.  What exactly do we share and how do you find it? Read on to find out.


If you’re on the Website, you can scroll to the bottom and click on the Investors link.




That will take you directly to our Investor Relations Page. On this page, you will find useful information such as our Stock Information (current at time of posting). Click on Stock Information on the left for more in-depth information.


Stock Information.png


You can watch our Constant Contact Promise Video, view our Historical Metrics, and our Investor Presentation. 


We even have a way for you to listen to our previous Events including our 4th Quarter Earnings Results for 2014. Don’t forget to set up a reminder for upcoming events as well by clicking on the Remind Me link.


Take some time to meet our management team. Read up on how they are making a difference here at Constant Contact. We’ll even introduce you to our Board of Directors and you can go further into what they are responsible for with our Corporate Governance guidelines. And if you have any questions, check out the Investor FAQs for some common questions that we are asked and get your answers! Plus even more information. Maybe you are interested in our Financial Releases? If so, you can check them out dating back to 2007. That’s a lot of information! We even have our Annual Reports available right in PDF format for you to read easily on your computer. If you want to know about our SEC Filings, we have that for you too!


With our Shareholder Tools, you can create a Briefcase to keep all the files you want to follow up on and read later in an easy zip file. You can set up Email Alerts to notify you when there is new information in the area that is important to you. With our Download Library, you can find the files that you need and send them directly to your Briefcase for easy viewing at a later time. And don’t forget about our RSS Feeds that will go directly into your or equivalent in your browser.


If you are interested in our Investor Relations, we have all the information that you need right on our website!  Head on over now to see what is going on with Constant Contact and how we hold ourselves responsible in the Investor World.

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Did you know that we have a section within our website called Marketplace where you can find Apps & Integrations?  These Apps & Integrations are created by third parties to help Small Businesses with their businesses. They can help you grow your list and your online presence. Currently there are just over 250 listings within our Marketplace. Some are created by Constant Contact too. However, our Support Team does not provide support for the third-party apps. You can contact the developer for assistance with those on their Marketplace listing.


What are some of our Apps and Integrations listed?


Ez Texting.png

With EZ Texting, you can sync your Constant Contact contacts and communicate with them via SMS messaging. You can not only use Text2 Join but also send out polls and contests.  Check out this app here to learn more!



With SumAll Analytics, you can connect your Social Media along with your Campaigns to get all of your reporting in one easy place. They’ll send you daily and weekly reports via email on your stats. They even offer Support. Check out this Free app here!


donor perfect.png


We didn’t forget about our Nonprofits who are raising money on a daily basis! This one is for you! Use our integration with DonorPerfect to manage donors, volunteers, and events in one database! You can even quickly generate reports, enter donor information, and send out thank-you notes. Check out DonorPerfect here for more information!


If you’re interested in seeing our Full Directory, check it out here in our Marketplace.


If you’d like to get listed, fill out our Application form here.


Any questions let us know!

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Custom Services.jpg


At Constant Contact we know that you may be short on time or need some extra help getting started. That is why we have an amazing Custom Services Team here to help you. Whether you need assistance with getting that first campaign set up or having a custom designed campaign, our team is here for you with affordable services. Check out 3 services we offer below and fill out the associated Service Inquiry forms to get your free consultation!


  • Quick Start ($199-$399; included at no additional charge for Ultimate package): Let us upload your contacts, customize your email newsletter template, and set up the tools for you to add more people to your mailing list. Click Here for Your Free Consultation
  • Design & Build ($699-$899): You tell us what you want your email template to look like and we make that happen! Click Here for Your Free Consultation
  • Create & Launch ($299-$399): Our team will manage your contacts, consult with you on developing a campaign, and customize your template, format your content, and send! Click Here for Your Free Consultation

To see all of our services we offer, click here!


If you don’t see the Service that will best suit you, check out our Marketplace to find Constant Contact partners that offer what you’re looking for!


Any questions let us know!

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Solution Provider.png


We have a few different programs available for partners. We will go over the basics of the different programs here, and to get more information on a specific program click on the program name (i.e. Affiliate, Franchise, etc.).


  • Affiliate – Want a more hands off approach? Promote the Constant Contact Toolkit on your site, you are rewarded for each user that signs up for an account.
  • Franchise - The franchise partnership allows you to have a branded look across all franchisee accounts if needed and helps to drive repeat business locally.
  • Solution Providers – If you offer marketing or consulting services for small businesses and non-profits, this is the partnership for you! By becoming a Solution Provider you can promote our tools and earn extra income while doing it. We help you out with training, education and a dedicated account manager.
  • Technology & Platforms – Is creating apps and integrations more your style? Check out our Technology & Platform partnership. You can reach a new audience, and help current customer utilize Toolkit to its fullest.
  • Chamber – As a chamber you get a free Constant Contact account, membership benefits, unlimited support & more. To top it off, we also give your members a discount on prepayments of up to 25%.
  • Associations - If you are working with a larger organization or association, using Constant Contact can allow you to get your message to your audience, whether it is for your members, chapters, groups or more! You can get marketing materials and resources to share best practices to your network.
  • SBDC – You can get a free account for your SBDC program to promote events, send newsletters and more. It also gives your clients a discount!
  • SCORE - Offer clients & members the Constant Contact Toolkit as part of your marketing plan for small businesses. You also qualify for a free account.

For more information on all partner types, check out this site. Are you a partner with Constant Contact already? Share your experiences.

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There may come a time while you’re working in your Constant Contact account that you realize that it’s not working with your browser of choice. At that point, you will open another browser to see if the trouble is happening in there as well. Sometimes it doesn’t. So what do you do when you are having issues in one browser and not another? You could just use the other browser of course, but that is only a temporary solution.  You want to correct this so you can get back to working in your favorite browser! So let’s get this fixed!


First, let’s make sure that your browser is compatible with Constant Contact. If yes, continue.


Depending on your browser, you will want to ensure that the trouble isn’t being caused by any third-party apps. Disabling them is your best bet to find out if that is where the difficulties lie. Don’t worry, this is easy to test and then undo.





  •          Hold down the apple key + CTRL + N to open an incognito window
  •          Close all other non-incognito windows
  •          In the Incognito window, go to & log into your account

Please note that if you have any extensions to run in incognito you’ll want to disable them under Tools > Extensions > unselect “Enabled” checkbox.



  •          Close all Firefox windows that are open
  •          Hold down the Options key as you re-open Firefox
  •          Now go to & log into your account




  •          Open an incognito window by pressing CTRL + Shift + N
  •          Close all open windows but the incognito window
  •          Go to & log into your account


  •          To launch your browser in Safe-Mode > Click Help > Restart with add-ons disabled
  •          Go to & log into your account

Internet Explorer:

  •          Click the Start button in the bottom left of your screen
  •          Select All Programs . Accessories > System Tools > Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)
  •          Close all previously opened Internet Explorer windows
  •          Open a new window and go to & log into your account

When you are done testing just close your browser and re-open it to run it normal again! If you are still having difficulty after this, please contact us.


Check out our helpful FAQ for more information.

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