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Getting Social with Images:   A “How To” on uploading images from your Instagram & Facebook accounts!


  1.       Click the “Upload to Library” button, from the drop down select “Social Networks”(If you are on the basic plan, you will need to upgrade your account to either Essential or Ultimate. You can do this by clicking “Upgrade” after selecting “Social Networks”.)
    Upload to Library.png

  2.       Now, select which account you want to pull images from
    Facebook or Instagram.png

  3.        You will get the following screens depending on which account you click on. (You will need to sign into your account if you are not already.) **Facebook will ask you to grant permission for Constant Contact to access your account**
    Facebook & Instagram Login Pages.png

  4.        In this example you will see it pulls up my Facebook account and I am now able to select an album (Father's Day 2014) or I can view all images.  Before adding it, it is a best practice to give it a name. To do this, click on “Add Name”. (You can select up to 10 images at once to upload). 
    Facebook Images.png
     ***To select images from your fan page, highlight the page, which will be listed at the end of your personal page's albums.***Business Page-Facebook Images.png

5.       Click “Upload Selected Files” (You can see your storage space before uploading the files in the bottom left corner) *an image is selected when you click on it.*
Upload Selected Files.pngWhile the uploads are in progress you will see the following:
Upload in Progress.png   

7.      When an upload is complete the blue progress bars will change to a check mark:
Uploads Complete.png

8.       The images will now show in a new “Facebook” (or “Instagram”) folder in your library:
Facebook Folder.png


Click here for a text version of uploading images from social media!