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You might have seen the other posts we have done for the different survey questions type, like multiple choice questions and rating and ranking questions.  Today we are going to go over the last question types available: open ended questions and personal information questions.




Open-Ended Questions: 

With Open Ended Questions, there is just one choice to make after entering your question text, what is the limit for answers.  You have a choice of 1 line of text/50 characters, 7 lines of text/350 characters, or 20 lines of text/1,000 characters.  When choosing this question type, keep in mind what types if answers you are expecting, and what your audience will want to share with you.  


Personal Information Questions:

This question is a great way to give your contacts a way to identify themselves, especially if you are sharing the survey online or over social media. With this question you need to keep in mind that you have a choice to either select that you will be importing data into your contacts or you can make the question required. We do not allow you to choose both options, as you cannot make it a requirement to be added to your contact list. 


With this question you can select the fields that are visible for your audience to fill out, like First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Physical Address, and any custom fields that you have within your account.  Take a look below to see all of the options, keep in mind that the custom fields will only show those that have been added to your individual account.  




If you have any questions, feel free to let us know! 

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In July, @Hannah_M showed you 2 of our 7 question types for Surveys: Single-Select Multiple Choice and Multi-Select Multiple Choice. I’m going to take a moment to go over 3 of our other question types. These are known as the Rank and Rate Question Types. Check them out below!


Rate and Rank Survey Quetions.png


  • Rate Items on a Scale:
    Choose up to 11 items on the ranking scale. You can also add up to 10 items to rate. For this example I have 5 items to rate on our scale from 1-5 options.


Rate items on a scale how likely.png


  • Rate One Item on a Scale:
    Choose up to 11 items on the ranking scale, but with only 1 item to rank.


Rate One Item on a Scale.png


  • Rank Items Numerically:
    For this question, you can choose up to 10 items to rank on a scale of 1 = Least or Most, you choose that portion.

rank numerically.jpg


And that’s it! Thanks for checking out our Rating and Rank Questions for your Survey. Now log into your account and start making your Survey!


Any questions let us know!

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You’ve seen the Actions drop-down menu that appears on the Campaigns page. But do you know the options that appear when you click it? Or that you have different choices depending upon the state of your Survey? Well fret no more for I am going to show you the choices available.


Draft Survey Actions Drop-Down:


Survey Draft Drop-Down Actions Menu.png

For a Draft Survey, you can from the Actions Drop-Down: Copy, Delete, Edit, Preview, Publish, or see the details page.























Active Survey Actions Drop-Down:


Survey Active Drop-Down Actions Menu.png

If your Survey is Active, you can close the survey right from here on the Campaigns page. You can also view the Details, Results, and Preview. You are able to Copy, Edit, Send an Invite, and Share on Social Media.
























Closed/Done Survey Actions Drop-Down:


Survey Done Drop Down Actions Menu.pngWhen you have closed your Survey, you can copy or delete it from the Actions menu. You can also view the Details page, preview it, and view your results.



















Of course, all these options are available should you just click on the name of your Survey on the Campaigns page. But use the Actions menu to save you a step or two!


Get into your account today to start using this neat feature that can save you time!


Any questions let us know!

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You’ve made a Survey and you thought it was complete so you went ahead and made it live by hitting the gold Publish button. Now that it’s live though, you want to make some changes but you’re not sure if those changes can be made.  Read on and I’ll let you know what changes you can make once your Survey is published.




Once Survey is published, you can:

  • Change the internal name of the Survey
  • Change whether you want to allow multiple responses from the same computer or not
  • Turn on or off Numbering
  • Edit Global Colors & Fonts
  • Add logo or image
  • Edit Survey Title
  • Edit Question and Answer Text

 Once the Survey is published, or live, you cannot move, add, or delete questions or answer options.


And that’s it! What you can edit in your published survey in a nutshell. Any questions, let us know!

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Did you know that when you are creating a survey there are different templates for you to choose?  These range from Basic Surveys to employee feedback, incident follow-up, nonprofit, and more.  Today, let's take a look at the 3 different surveys in the Shopping & Purchasing Experience! 


Please note, in order to see the templates, when you choose to create a survey you will want to select "Choose a customizable survey template that includes survey questions."


You will then be able to select the different types of templates from the list that runs down the left side of the page.



Under the Shopping & Purchasing Experience category there are 3 survey templates:  Online Purchases Intent, Online Shopping Satisfaction, and Professional Services Purchase Intent.  Keep in mind even if you choose a template, you can customize the questions and the answer text.  


What is your favorite Survey template?  Have you used one of the Shopping & Purchasing Experience templates? 

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Do you have a survey with Anonymous responses?  Or are you creating a survey and want to learn more about anonymity of responses?  You have come to the right place!  We are going to go over how survey responses can be anonymous, how to try to prevent this from happening, and how to make all responses anonymous.  


  • How can you get anonymous responses?  
    If you distribute your survey link outside of Constant Contact (like your website or social sites), all responses from that link will be anonymous.  If you do not use the invitation to invite your audience to take your survey and instead insert the url into another campaign, all responses will be anonymous unless you use the "Insert Survey Link" feature.  
  • How to prevent anonymous responses:
    Use the survey invitation!  If you want to include the link in a different campaign, make sure to use the Insert Survey Link feature in your campaign
  • How to make all responses anonymous:
    If you need or want all anonymous responses you can take the survey link and shorten it before distributing it via email.  

I hope that this information was helpful to you.  If you have any questions, feel free to let us know!  

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Once you have chosen your template or decided to start from scratch you can modify the layout to suit your needs.  Within the Survey Campaign you can add questions, text and page breaks.  Let’s go over these different options:


  • Question – If you need to add in different question types or need more questions use this option. A window will appear giving you the seven (7) types of questions you can use in your Survey.

  • Text – If you need to break your survey up into different sections (i.e. Personal, Professional) you can use this to label the sections or introduce new elements in the survey.

  • Page Break – Pretty self explanatory, right? If you want to break a longer survey into smaller pages with a Continue button, this is where you are going to do it!  This also adds a progress bar to the Survey to show how far along a participant is.  These are great to add, especially with lengthier surveys because, in the event that a participant decides to abandon the survey before completing it, responses are saved from the last time someone clicked “Continue.”

Keep in mind even after choosing a template you can edit questions as needed.  How do you use these options within your Survey?  Share your tips and tricks here! 

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Not everyone wants to collect personal information from their respondents when they send out a Survey. For example, every year here there is an Employee Engagement Survey. In order for our Human Resources department to receive truthful answers to the questions they ask, the survey is anonymous. Also, not everyone wants to share their personal information when they are answering a survey. If you don’t want or need personal information collected when using our Survey, we have the ability to make it anonymous for you.


When will responses be anonymous


Whenever respondents access your Survey via the Survey URL that we provide the responses are anonymous. Granted of course you do not include a required personal information question. The URL can be placed in or on the following:


  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
  • Website
  • Web version of any campaign sent through Constant Contact (Having trouble viewing this page URL)
  • Emails sent outside of Constant Contact
  • Shortened URL inserted into a Constant Contact email
  • Automated email in Autoresponder

How do I find the Survey URL


Once you have published your survey, you want to go to the header Distribute and Track

Under Distribute Your Survey Link > Add it to a webpage


Survey URL.jpg


*Note: If you use Simple Share, that is anonymous as well because that falls under Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn above.

If you are using an email sent within Constant Contact and you want to force the responses to be anonymous anyway, you can follow these instructions:


  • Grab the URL for your Survey
  • Go to
  • Paste the Survey URL into tinyurl and get the new URL from them
  • Insert that URL into your emails


Please note that if you send a reminder to those that haven’t responded to the Survey, those that did take the survey with the tinyurl will receive this email as well since there is no way of tracking who did or did not take it.


And that’s it! If you have any questions let us know!

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Did you know that Constant Contact makes it easy for you to reach out to your audience and have them review your company/organization on online listings sites, such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Angie’s List?  Why would you want to do this with your business? To make sure you know how customers are viewing your business! Find out what they like or dislike about the business and make changes as a result of the feedback.Here's an example:


Jack’s Backyard BBQ introduced a new garlic bread. They found it more cost effective to cut the bread thinner and only put the butter and garlic mixture on one side. Customers immediately began leaving feedback that the old bread was better and was their favorite part of the restaurant. Billy, the owner read the recent reviews and realized going back to the old version of garlic bread would make his customers happy and bring the store more business. Jack’s Backyard BBQ now offers a choice of garlic breads with all meals.


There are 2 different ways to accomplish this using Constant Contact: (Please note that if you are a basic customer, you would need to purchase a plus campaign, or upgrade your account to either essential or ultimate.)

  •          Feedback Request - For straightforward feedback that doesn’t need to be organized into a detailed report. This type of feedback request is easy to create. (I.E.--> Did you enjoy your stay at our hotel?)
  •          Ratings and Review - Ask your contacts to rate your business or organization on sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor with a professional-looking request. The more reviews you get, the more new customers will discover your business. (I.E.--> On a scale of 1 to 10 {10 being the highest}, please rate your experience staying at our hotel.)


Here’s how:

  1. Click on “Create” in the top right hand corner.
    Create Button in TK.png
    After clicking create an overlay will appear. It will look like one of the following:
  2. Click on either “Create a Survey”, or “Feedback & Surveys” (depending on which screen you see). *Note: Think of it as you are surveying your customers to get their opinions, but not creating an actual survey through Constant Contact.*

  3. If you clicked on “Create a Survey” you will see the following: (click Create)
    FeedbackReview Emails.png
    a. If you clicked on “Feedback & Surveys”, you will see the following: (highlight “Feedback/Reviews” Email and click “create”)
    FeedbackReview Email Options.png
  4. Next, you want to select a type of template. (Feedback, Feedback Basic, Multi-Image Review, Simple Review). You can either select or preview each one, or click “View all Templates” to see all of Constant Contact’s available templates.

  5. Finally, create your Feedback/Reviews Email. *You can link to Yelp by clicking on “Social” on the left side (once in edit mode for a block), and selecting “Find on Yelp”* (You can also link to Trip Advisor or Angie’s List via the “Insert” menu.)
    Yelp Link.png

    Have any questions?

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What is skip logic?

Skip Logic is ways to have your customers answer only the questions that make sense to them. For example, you offer a variety of products, some related to males, and some related to females. Instead of creating 2 separate surveys and then send them to 2 separate lists, you can create 1 survey with skip logic enabled and send it to just 1 list.


Below are 2 examples of the same survey, one includes Skip Logic, and one does not.


Survey without Skip Logic: In this example the person would answer all the questions. It does not make sense for a male to answer question 2 or a female to answer question 3.


Now, the same survey with Skip Logic enabled on question 1 would look like the following:

So you can see that with skip logic turned on, a male customer would not see the question related to perfumes, and the same would work for females, they would not see the question related to cologne. 


Enabling Skip Logic in your Constant Contact account:

  1.        Click on the Edit Survey Link for the survey you wish to edit.
    Edit Survey.png
  2.        On the left side of the screen when you are in edit mode, there will be a link that says “Add/Edit Skip Logic”, click on that link.
    Add Skip Logic.png
  3.        Using the example above, we would then select the answer “Male” and click on the link “Skip from this answer”
    Skip from this answer.png
  4.        Once you click on that link  you then want to select what question to bring the person to next…”skipping” over the perfume question.
    Skip To this question.png
  5.        Finally, click “Save” and you will see a similar screen to let you know it is now set up. (Please note the warning that once skip logic is applied, you cannot re arrange the order of the questions or delete them unless you turn skip logic off first.)
    Skip Logic Enabled.png



Click here to learn more about Skip Logic.

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