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You might have read our article about the time we got to spend volunteering with this great organization. Now, find out more about the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center directly from someone who works there.





When I was invited to spend part of the day with some of my co-workers volunteering with the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center I did not even hesitate to say "Yes." I talk with customers every day through social media, here in the Community and also over the phones, but it's not every day that you get to see all of the additional work that they do once our conversation is over. I was excited to get to know one of the many customers who use Constant Contact for their email marketing.



Nothing is more important to Constant Contact than the success of our customers. Our experts from the Customer Success team are dedicated to the success of small businesses and organizations and know how essential it is to have the knowledge you need to be successful with your email marketing. Our free webinars are available to help you get real results from your email marketing and expert advice on how to succeed with Constant Contact.



Hi, everyone!

My name is Doug and I have been with Constant Contact since March 2015. I was fast tracked to partner support and then an advanced partner agent which I have helped support for a little over a year. I love talking to all of our customers, learning about their businesses, and how our partners are helping others with their marketing needs.

When I am not chatting with our awesome customers, I love spending time outdoors doing pretty much anything. Being in Colorado, you have many different options for activities, some of my favorites include hiking, rock climbing, bike riding, camping, and skiing. If you ever catch me out on the slopes I’ll be wearing my full bright orange attire, can’t miss me!


(Image was prior to finishing out the full orange orangutan outfit)

I look forward to assisting everyone and learning more about them on the Community!

My name is Thomas and I've been an employee of Constant Contact since January of 2011. I've supported several pilot programs like Social Campaigns, and have been supporting our partners for over 2 years now. I have done phone, chat, and email support and am looking forward to answering your questions in the Community.


This is us at the Beach on Easter Weekend!This is us at the Beach on Easter Weekend!

Away from work, I spend time with my wife Stacie, 9-month-old son Kaleb and 14-year-old lab mix named Cider. We've lived in Port Charlotte, FL the past year and a half. I love working with the students at my church, going for long walks on the beach, and all aspects of media. Drawing, Painting, film, TV, Music, Writing - I love it all!



Skydiving!Skydiving!A couple fun facts, too:
I went skydiving when I was 23, would do it again in a heartbeat and recommend everyone skydives at least once in their lifetime. I am also working to host an annual event to raise awareness about human trafficking in Florida and around the world. If you'd like to help put an end to human trafficking where you are visit this site.



Hi everyone!


My name is Liz and I have been with Constant Contact since September of 2015. I love collaborating with our customers about subject lines, discussing best practices and revealing helpful features. It is great to work with such a diverse group and the chance to engage with so many business owners in all sorts of industries. I am happy to now help on the community board!


Some more things I really love:

  • Traveling- I love checking off state parks and nature reserves from my “to visit list.”  Cross-country road trip 2014 with my boyfriend and dog, GusCross-country road trip 2014 with my boyfriend and dog, Gus
  • Arts and crafts- Photography and jewelry making
  • Podcasts- My favorite podcast has been Backstory because it combines current events with a look at relevant stories from historical events. A new favorite is Planet Money, though I love most podcasts related to comedy, food and culture.

 I look forward to working with the community!

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Hello, my name is Evan and I have been with Constant Contact since the summer of 2013.





A ground-floor impression of how Constant Contact impacts our customers.



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