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5 Internet Marketing Hot Topics for September 26-30

CTCT Employee

There's always a lot going on out there in the world of internet marketing. From news about Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to vague press releases about SEO and content marketing, it can be hard to distinguish what's going to make a lasting spark going forward.


That's why we decided to keep our eyes open all week for some of the most ground-breaking stories. Here are the five that we deemed some of the most important.



1) Women Use Social Media More Than Men.

Rebtel, an independent mobile VoIP company, found that when it comes to social media use, women are:

  • 14% more likely than men to keep in touch with friends (75 million vs. 57 million)
  • 18% more likely to keep in touch with family (67 million vs. 44 million)
  • 12% more likely to keep in touch with colleagues (21 million vs. 16 million)

Bottom Line: In 2010, Forbes reported that 57% of Facebook users are female, which makes for about 46 million more female visitors than male visitors. But don’t forget there are still millions of men on Facebook too. Create content that appeals to and engages your audience. Make it easy for them to share with their networks.


2) Mobile Users Suffer from Hyperactive Bouncing Disorder.

Strangeloop showed that people accessing the internet via mobile devices aren’t exactly the patient type.

  • 85% of users will leave a site after five seconds, but the average site takes ten seconds to load
  • Impatience is a growing trend – just 20% of mobile users said they left a site after five seconds in 2009. In 2011, 74% said the same.
  • Some of the slow load times are attributed to too many images, dense code, the use of 3rd-party tags, and problems with browser and bandwidth capacity

Bottom Line: To be mobile-friendly, think of marketing like a ginger bread trail -- lead website visitors and newsletter subscribers deeper into the site with bold, intriguing headlines and a single, powerful image.


3) Facebook is Glue. reports that Facebook is “crushing the rest of the Web when it comes to stickiness.” A chart by Citi Investment Research and Analysis found that:

  • Americans spend almost 18% of their online time on Facebook
  • Yahoo! websites are showing shallow peaks and valleys around 10%
  • AOL sites have plunged to almost below 4%
  • Google sites are growing modestly, but tapering at about just above 11%

Bottom Line: Nothing shows that 2011 has been the Year of Social like this chart. Toward the end of 2010, Americans had equally divided their time between Facebook, Yahoo! sites and Google, but Facebook has left competitors in the dust. If you haven’t yet set up a Facebook Page for your business yet, what are you waiting for?


4) Anonymous & Miscellaneous Reviews Cause Definite Results.

Have you ever Googled a product and immediately taken ScorpionBoy02’s review of a product as Truth? You’re not alone. EMarketer reports that a poll by strategy & communications agency Cone found that:

  • Positive online information about a product or service encouraged 87% of consumers to buy
  • Negative online information discourages 80% of consumers

Bottom Line: It’s more important than ever before to make sure you form a connection with customers through email marketing and social media, and this may increasingly mean going out into the online review-o-verse to speak directly to happy or dissatisfied customers.


5) Lack of resources, strategy, and content – oh my!

A recent graph by MarketingSherpa showed that the top three barriers of B2B marketing are:

  • A lack of staffing, budgeting and/or time
  • Problems with campaign strategy
  • Writing or providing content

Bottom Line: Marketing, especially internet marketing, is becoming more and more important as companies become more and more strapped for time – my three quick fixes would be to find a software solution for time and budget management, design a strategy around what you hear on social media and in the news by filling a need, and use those same topics to create or position content accordingly. And don’t forget we provide the resources to make marketing your business as simple as possible


What internet hot topics caught your interest this week? Share them here or on our Facebook Page!


I'm interested in all things content marketing, especially how they relate to good writing. I'm an author at heart and I think that the internet and quality books and articles have a healthy future together.

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