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Creating Links on LinkedIn

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To most people, LinkedIn is simply “Facebook for Professionals.” That’s not entirely wrong; many professionals do use the site to connect and interact with each other, without the games and distractions of other networks. Businesses and organizations of all types and sizes are on it, and many even use LinkedIn for recruiting and hiring.


With more than 100 million members, LinkedIn is a site that’s particularly useful for those who focus on business-to-business or nonprofit work, who can — and should — leverage relationships with colleagues, customers, members, and influential donors to find new connections. The more people who are in your network, the easier it is to discover people you may know at companies you’re trying to sell to or to donors you’re trying to solicit. Think of LinkedIn as a modern day Rolodex that grows itself organically.


But LinkedIn’s power goes beyond simple connections. No matter what your line of work or type of business or organization, LinkedIn can be beneficial for:


  • Demonstrating expertise through the site’s Answers section. Scroll through open questions posed by others on the site and answer those that fall in your area of expertise.
  • Finding like-minded individuals in the Groups area. Groups are discussion forums centered on a topic, which you can use to share ideas with peers, pick up a few tips to help your business grow, and connect with people who share similar passions.
  • Helping your search engine optimization efforts. Search engines love inbound links, and your personal profile and company page can both link back to your website, giving you a higher rank in the world of Google.


In addition, LinkedIn is a great place to share your content. For example, with our Simple Share feature, you can quickly and easy post your email messages, event invitations, and online surveys to the site,  extending your reach into networks you may not even know about.


By leveraging LinkedIn’s many features, you can increase the online visibility of your business or organization and join in on the many conversations taking place on the network. It’s one powerful way to stay top of mind, find new prospects, and connect with customers and members.


Are you using LinkedIn? How has the site worked for you? Share your thoughts with us here or on our Facebook Page.


Martin Lieberman is Constant Contact's managing editor. He develops blog posts, articles, guides, and more about email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, and online survey best practices, as well as small business and engagement marketing trends. Martin has more than 15 years of experience writing and editing content for a variety of audiences. Martin's tips, ideas, and solutions help small businesses and organizations build successful customer and member relationships. Follow Martin on Twitter at @martinlieberman.

Kate Keeley
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Is there a way to prevent the box that encourages me to upgrade my browser (a download that is managed by the IT team and I don't control) so that I can see the info on Constant Contact in the browser window rather than half the screen being used for that message?


(Sorry to post that here, I just couldn't find an email contact option to ask this question. Perhaps it's hiding behind that screen announcement on browsers?)

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There should be an X on the top right of the pop up which will allow you to close the window.


Are you using Internet Explorer? If you're using IE 8 or 9 you'll need to disable compatibility mode. You can do this by following the steps in this FAQ.


If this doesn't help you, please come into the Community and post this as a question on the Email Marketing board. Please include what browser and version you are using.





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Great ideas on how to get the most out of LinkedIn. Social Media has huge potential for companies in almost any sector, even if it is not directly involved in tech.

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Great ideas on how to get the most out of LinkedIn.