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Email and Social Media: The Perfect Holiday Combination

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For many people, Thanksgiving this week means turkey, family, and a much needed day off. It also means we're just about a month away from Christmas, Hanukkah, and the end of the year. Chances are good you've already started receiving an increased number emails offering 20% off, free shipping, and other generic offers. You may even have already sent a few yourself.


At the holiday time, with so much competition in the inbox for subscribers' eyeballs and attention, separating yourself from the herd can be a challenge. That's why it's even more important to use all your communications channels — particularly email and social media — to reach customers, clients, and supporters.


When you blend email and social media, you present a stronger communications message, one that's more engaging and more visible. Email and social media, when used effectively, can make the difference between a business or organization whose messages blend into the others, and one where its customers, clients, and supporters actively look forward to receiving and interacting with them.


Here are 3 ways you can combine the power of email and social media at holiday time, and year-round:


1. Use social media to support your email program. This holiday season, in between your regularly scheduled emails, make sure you're keeping up with your posting to Facebook and Twitter in between your email messages. And don't keep posting coupons and special offers. Share good content that will make a connection with your fans and followers, and engage them. Ask questions about their holiday plans. Share tips for using your products and taking advantage of your services. Resist the temptation to sell, sell, sell, and your fans and followers will keep you in mind when they want to buy or donate.


2. Promote your emails on social media. If you want your emails to be seen, give your subscribers a heads up on social media that they should look out for a message from you. Post a message on Facebook and/or on Twitter such as "Our newsletter is being sent out later today. Keep watch for it and let us know what you think!" Or, even better, tease the content that's included in your newsletter. That will put people on the ready and get them excited to read.


3. Get your subscribers to share. Sure, everyone likes a discount, but on social media, people like helpful or fun content they can pass along to their friends even more. When you give that to your subscribers, and arm them with the tools they need to share your content, then your messages will go farther than your subscribers' inboxes. In fact, they may even be seen by someone who is looking to buy the product or service you sell, or to support your cause.


What kind of content will get passed along? Expert tips on using your products or surviving the holiday season. Compelling success stories about the success your organization has found. A fun video that shows off your business or organization's silly side. Anything that doesn't sound like a promotion and that provides a benefit to your readers.


What tips do you have for getting your customers, clients, and supporters' attention at holiday time? Share your thoughts here or on our Facebook Page.


Martin Lieberman is Constant Contact's managing editor. He develops blog posts, articles, guides, and more about email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, and online survey best practices, as well as small business and engagement marketing trends. Martin has more than 15 years of experience writing and editing content for a variety of audiences. Martin's tips, ideas, and solutions help small businesses and organizations build successful customer and member relationships. Follow Martin on Twitter at @martinlieberman.

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