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Facts About LinkedIn That May Surprise You

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Facebook gets most of the attention when talking about social media, but LinkedIn, with its network of more than 135 million users, can also be a treasure trove of useful information about your current and future customers and clients.


LinkedIn’s value is the people in the network. More than 70% of them are between the ages 25 and 54, and over half of these people are male. An "active" 1% on LinkedIn only accounts for 34% of the traffic. Most of the information sharing and online networking is done by individuals via Groups and Profile status updates. Individuals are looking to exchange ideas and ask questions with other individuals they can learn from right now or expect to be of value in the future.


As a small business, why should you care if LinkedIn users engage with you online? Well, because 45% of visitors from LinkedIn to your other digital content (website, blog, whitepapers, video, etc.) will likely be new to your organization. That's a lot of prospective clients, customers, and supporters. These leads are highly motivated about seeking useful content, and are more likely to fill out a form. That means they're likely to sign up for your mailing list, which will give you permission to continue the conversation.


If giving you information was not enough, these visitors stay an average of more than 10 minutes on your website. What are you going to do with a group of people who want to have a conversation with you and are willing to spend the time do so? That's right: Give them the kind of content they want.


Product brochures are three times more likely to be downloaded and printed than case studies or whitepapers, which have seen a 22% decrease. On the other hand, videos and podcasts have increased in usage, and almost 40% of people have consumed information in a mobile format. While it's not everyone, this is something to keep in mind.


If you use a webinar format to nurture new customers, know that people from LinkedIn are more likely to register and attend these live educational sessions. What you want to understand is there is still is a time and place for traditional content styles, but broaden what and how you offer to capture all of the relevant attention.


With LinkedIn, be a regular contributor and watch new customers inspired by your knowledge continue to connect and help you grow your business.


Are you using LinkedIn? Share your experience with us here or on our Facebook Page. Or, to get started building a LinkedIn profile, visit the Social Media Quickstarter.


Head up the team at Constant Contact that produce & present web workshops on marketing for SMB’s. (BtoB,BtoC&NP) I still man the the microphone to keep it real with our users. Love to leverage my real experience and geek cred- WPI, a fresh view on what works and what does not work.

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Awesome post. Thanks for this.