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How Do You Measure Social Media Marketing Success?

CTCT Employee

Whenever I talk to small businesses and organizations about getting started with social media marketing, one of the first questions they ask is almost always "What should we expect for results?"


Well, that's a really tough one to answer. For one thing, marketing a business or organization on social media is a great case for what your mother probably said to you as a kid: "You'll only get out of it what you put in." Or in business terms, there's no ROI if there is no investment, whether it's an investment of time, thought, or energy.


For those who do invest in the process, success comes in all shapes in sized and is different for every business. Here are three examples of social media marketing success, without using any fancy monitoring tools or even spending hours and hours with Facebook Insights.  


1. My first job doing social media marketing was working at a professional services firm that sold to big companies. I’ll admit that I started our Facebook Page as a bit of an experiment, but what we got was the answer to a problem we had been struggling to solve — getting customer testimonials. The first posts on our wall were from some of our key clients who were happy to share how great we were to work with. Instant social media success and a reason to start planning our real marketing programs using our Facebook Page!


2. I recently became a Facebook fan of a ski resort in the Northeast based on a sweepstakes campaign on their Facebook Page that was aimed at getting new fans and adding people to their email list. And I wasn’t alone. In just one week, the campaign generated over 200 new fans and 200 new email subscribers. 


3. Another great success story is of a pet store near my home that ran their first marketing campaign on Facebook recently and connected with a handful of new fans by offering a $5 discount for everyone who "Liked" the Page. The best part was that all of their new fans came in into the store within a week to redeem the coupon.


My point is that measuring success with social media marketing is a question of setting, and achieving realistic goals. And success comes in all shapes and sizes.


How do you define success on social media? Share your thoughts with us here or on our Facebook Page.


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It is still hard to define but when we started getting referrals from "friends of friends" it made us think twice.