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Introducing the Social Media Quickstarter

CTCT Employee

Here on the Constant Commentary blog, we talk about how to take advantage of social media marketing pretty regularly. In our Hints & Tips newsletter, we also share customer success stories and best practices that we think will help you be more successful.  Now, we are excited to announce the launch of a free, dedicated web site, the Social Media Quickstarter, that goes further to offer step-by-step instructions designed to help you grow your social success across a wide array of social networks — a few minutes at a time. 


We know that for some small organizations, social media marketing is an easy extension of what they’re already doing. For others, getting started is a huge leap of faith. We’ve designed the Social Media Quickstarter to help you surpass your goals, regardless of your starting point and experience level. We’ve covered a bunch of social media topics, but we’ve divided the content up into small sections that you can read and absorb, so you can use what you want, on your own schedule.


In short, we’re excited to keep helping you along your social media marketing journey and hope we can provide you with all of the information you need. We hope you enjoy the site, find it useful, and keep coming back for more as we add additional content. And of course, keep checking back here for more tips, success stories, and best practices as well.


So dive right in. Share the Quickstarter with your friends and colleagues who are looking for help. And let us know what you think by visiting the Quickstarter Facebook Page, or by leaving a comment right here on the blog.


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Thanks for making it easier. Will try it soon and post back with results.

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Very sweet site. Great categories. Nice and simple. I will be using it a lot and promoting it as well.


We write content for businesses for emails, blogs and articles, but some small businesses can't afford much. For them we offer them some basic lessons to do their own projects using constant contact. This will be a wonderful tool to refer them to. We love Constant Contact!