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Want More Fans and Followers? Look to Your Email List!

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You've got a strong email list, the result of months' worth of effort to get people to sign up. But if you're going to make the most of an email and social media mix, and want to connect with your customers, donors, clients, members, volunteers, and prospects in more than one place, then you're going to need Facebook fans and Twitter followers too, not to mention connections on LinkedIn.


The good news is that you can use your existing email list to help build your social following. Here are 6 easy ways to do that:


1. Send a dedicated email. Start by sending a special, one-time email to your subscribers announcing your social media presence. But don't stop there. Tell these people why they should also connect with you on social media in addition to email. For example, it's because they'll get additional tips/advice, learn about special offers, or whatever else you plan to share. We're a fan of telling subscribers that social media is where they can join you in a conversation. After all, email is a one-way "push," so your loyal customers will want to go somewhere where they can interact with you.


2. Include links in your email newsletter. After you've announced your social presence, make your social media presence a regular part of your normal mailings by adding links to your social network profiles within the emails you already send. This will provide a constant reminder that customers can connect with you in multiple places.


3. Encourage discussion. In your email newsletter, ask people what they think of the topics you discuss. Then direct them to your Facebook Page or Twitter handle, and encourage them to share their thoughts. These kinds of strong social calls to action will provide a link between the two channels. Just be sure you monitor the discussion so you can reply and keep it going.


4. Encourage social sharing. Incorporating sharing features into your email marketing gets your email out onto social networks where it'll be seen by people beyond your mailing list ... people who may, then, look for you on those sites and connect with you there.


5. Feature an exclusive offer. Why not make Facebook or Twitter the place to be by featuring an offer that people can only see if they Like your Facebook Page or are following you on Twitter? Promote this offer to your email subscribers and encourage them to connect with you on social media.


6. Incentivize your subscribers. I'm still a big fan of Dingo, a business that ran a campaign to increase its number of Facebook Likes, and did so by offering a $20 coupon to email subscribers once it reached 5,000 Likes. Your goal number doesn't have to be as ambitious, but you can reward your email subscribers if they help you get to your desired number.


How have you built your social media following? Share your thoughts with us here, or post them to our Facebook Page.


Martin Lieberman is Constant Contact's managing editor. He develops blog posts, articles, guides, and more about email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, and online survey best practices, as well as small business and engagement marketing trends. Martin has more than 15 years of experience writing and editing content for a variety of audiences. Martin's tips, ideas, and solutions help small businesses and organizations build successful customer and member relationships. Follow Martin on Twitter at @martinlieberman.

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